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June 6, 2019
Sunday Service Time: 10:30am

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Shawn Yasutake
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6/9 ~ all praise, all praise to the great web  
This line from a poem by Denise Levertov celebrates the transcendence we can experience in nature, when we dare to put down our cell phones, switch off our computers and seek union with the mystery of the interdependent web of existence of which we are a part. In this alarming time of climate change, now more than ever, we need to experience the mystery of our planet and all living creatures on her.

Sermon Response #203 All Creatures of the Earth and Sky

Special Music/Offertory: Rocky Mountain High (Band) 

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robson arena meeting
The final community meeting will be held 10:30am-12pm on 6/29. For more information, click here.

king soopers rewards
The format for the use of King Soopers gift cards to donate money to All Souls has changed. You no longer need to have a physical gift card to designate funds for ASUUC. Go to the King Soopers website and sign in with your account or make a new account to go with your SooperCard. Once you do that, go the CommunityRewards website and search for "All Souls Unitarian." Click the "Enroll" button, and you're all set! Every time you shop at King Soopers, a portion of your purchase amount will be donated to ASUUC. There is no cost to you and the money is automatically donated to All Souls.

asuuc: future acoustic music mecca!
Terry Schultz needs people to help form a working group tasked with setting ASUUC up as a local acoustic music venue. If you are interested in music in any form and if you'd like to see All Souls as part of a city-wide (and possibly regional) network supporting acoustic music, plan to join us on Sunday. 6/9, at 12:30 in the Small Hall.
We anticipate our first folk music concert to be held in early Fall with the possibility of a national headliner in October.
We need people to handle complex components of this major task. This includes scheduling, booking, finance, promotion, and networking with local talent so they recognize ASUUC as a local, available, affordable venue.
Food (Subway sandwiches) will be served. Please RSVP to Terry so he knows what needs to be ordered for lunch.

asuuc logo cup clearance sale
Just 7 cups remain unsold from our original order, and we want to clear them out before placing a new order, so we're selling these orange-lid cups at $3 apiece. Remember, orange is the official color of Everytown For Gun Safety as well as Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America.

affinity groups
Our affinity groups are open to all! There isno enrollment period and no fee required. Friends are welcome! These groups share a common interest and provide opportunities to connect and deepen our fellowship outside of Sunday Service. Perhaps one is for you? For more information, please click here.
REreligious exploration
shout out
Thank you to The Eclectic Voices: A.B. Lugo, Angel Starker, Rick Schwarz, and Sherri Bristol for presenting the Story for All Ages last Sunday. It was an engaging story and you did a beautiful job! Many thanks to Angel Starker for agreeing to assist Dan and Kristy Morman in making guacamole on June 30th.  
children children 
last sunday
We made individual quilting squares with felt and buttons. Some kids chose to do some sewing while others used the hot glue gun. Every square made was important, just as every person is important (Principle One). Most took their squares home but a few rem ain and are on display in the RE Assembly Area. Thank you Lynne Casebeer for being our first guest in Guest in the Classroom!


Join us for a Lego morning as guest leader Kathleen Brannan combines the art of the build with STEM. The STEM Lego Challenge will be related to the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and the lunar landing (7/20/1969).  We will be creating towers to lift the "nerf" rocket into launch position. Can we build it? Yes, we CAN!

This will be an intergenerational service. There is no RE or Youth Group but nursery/PreK care is available. Their sign-up sheets will be downstairs. We have purple Doodle Boxes in the Great Hall for those that like to keep their hands busy.  


yruu youth group 
Our Youth Group is on summer hiatus. Many of our youth have plans for the summer and I wish you safe and fun adventures. We hope that you will join us in RE for our Guest in the Classroom summer programming as others share their passion. Come to participate or to assist - your choice!   
 activism local activism & awareness

Editors' note: Occasionally, changes are made to these events after publication. Please click on the links provided if you are interested in attending something, to make sure the details have not changed.  Thank you!
***new event***
6/17, 7-9pm, at Ivywild School Gymnasium, Film screening:  Food for Change

***new event***
community community news
Editors' note: Occasionally, changes are made to events after publication. Please click on the links provided if you are interested in attending something, to make sure the details have not changed. Thank you!
fam fest 
An event filled with the arts, 10am-5pm on 6/8! Live music, lots of kid friendly activities including a bounce castle, crafts, painting, interactive booths, shopping, a silent auction benefiting The Made for More Project, food, face painting, and more! FREE ADMISSION! Visit the for more information. 

citizen climate lobby meeting
Join the Citizen Climate Lobby of Colorado Springs for their June meeting on  6/8 from 11am-1pm, at Woodland Park Library. At this meeting, CCL will coordinate a letter writing campaign to Congress in support of HR 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019, along with other activities. Contact  Karla Crescenta if you want to carpool to the meeting.

carolyn baker lecture and workshop
On 6/28 and 6/29, Pikes Peak Permaculture is hosting a lecture and workshop with Carolyn Baker,  who offers life and leadership coaching for people who want to live more resiliently in the present as they prepare for the future. On Friday, 6/28 at 7pm, Dr. Baker will give a talk titled "Placing Climate and Other Catastrophic Events Within a Larger Story," and will hold a workshop, "Living Resiliently in the Dark Night of the Globe," on Saturday, 6/28, from 9am-4:30pm. Both events will be at the Unity Spiritual Center in the Rockies. This event is designed to offer us an alternative to being engulfed in emotions like fear, anger, sorrow, and despair. These alternatives include strategies such as inviting us to reframe the questions and face our predicament honestly and courageously, supporting us in finding sources of meaning and purpose in a time of extinction, and offering a safe container for finding our way back to each other. Friday's lecture will cost $10-$20, while Saturday's workshop will run $80-$100. Advance registration is required. Please email Brian Fritz or call/text him at 719-645-5752.

joys joys & concerns
I passed my CNA state exam this weekend! -Samantha

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Judie McMath, President
Wendy Mike, Vice-President
Gary Harrison, Treasurer
Kate Harrison, Secretary
Rick Schwarz, Past President
Terry Schultz, Member-at-Large 
Bruce Leeson, Member-at-Large
Jim Michali, Member-at-Large
Shawn Yasutake, Member-at-Large
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