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November 7, 2019
Sunday Service Time: 10:30am

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Serviceservice this week

11/10 ~ in the living years
In this special service, our very own A.B. Lugo will share poetry from his book which features poems about the death of his parents a few years ago and the birth of his son, Dani Phoenix. He will use his poetry as a springboard to talk about the cyclical nature of life and how we can keep ourselves at the center of it as we pay attention to the relationships that matter most. This service will feature special music by the All Souls Band.
Click here  to see upcoming service themes. 
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listening circles

Everyone's welcome to All Souls' Listening Circles - opportunities to speak briefly from your experience, and feel deeply heard. Sundays: 12-1:15pm, 12/1, 1/5, & 2/2 (after the service & fellowship). Basic agreements: respect, brevity, confidentiality, & kindness.
To assure everyone gets a turn to speak, we'll use a talking piece. Beverages in closed containers are welcome, but no food. No sign-up is required. Donations to ASUUC are welcome. For more information, contact Karla

money and meaning
Join Rev. Nori and Kathleen Brannan as they share ways in which we can bring meaning and intention into our spending and saving habits. 9am-3pm, 11/16 at ASUUC. Recommended reading: " Integrating Money and Meaning: Practices for a Heart-Centered Life " by Maggie Kulyk. This book is available on Amazon as a paperback or kindle edition and might be at the library as well. Please bring a brown bag lunch. There is a sign up sheet on the visitor's table at church or you can register by emailing Rev. Nori.

rev nori's email address
When we updated our website and switched domain hosts, my official email was changed from to I've recently realized that some people weren't aware of the change and have been using my old email address to contact me. Unfortunately, those emails never get to me and just go into some email black hole. If you haven't received a response from me, I apologize! Please update your my email in your contacts so I can be sure to hear from and respond to you!! Many thanks!!! -- Nori

auction night was a big success! 
The results are still being updated, and the Second Chance Sale is about to start, but Auction Night raised over $12,000 for the church! Thanks to everyone who donated, everyone who attended, and everyone who bid. Special thanks to these businesses and organizations who donated: Colorado Springs Children's Chorale, Colorado Springs School District 11, Einstein Bros Bagels, High Rise Coffee Roasters, Miriam's Massage Therapy, Panino's Downtown, Solar Roast Coffee, Tony's Downtown Bar, Wooglin's Deli, and Pikes Peak Region. And a HUGE thank-you to all who volunteered their time before and on Auction Night: Judie McMath, Marion Ceruzzi (who also donated the Back Home Again banner), Terry Schultz, Marguerite Terze, Rick Schwarz, Ed Benn, Jay Hatfield, Kate Harrison, Karen Meadows, Cathy Mathews, Bill Mathews, Beth Green, Sherri Bristol, Eunice Ciaccio, Evony McKenna, Becky Harrison, Alma Cremonesi, Cate Terze-Schwarz, Michael York, Suset Rosario, A.B. Lugo, Kaye and Mike Brabec, Linda Nicks, Sonya Hill-Smith, Gary Harrison, Becky Harrison, Andy Walker, Mike Walker, Angel Starker, Jim Michali, LaLasha Murphy-Rockwood, and Luis Torres.
Confirmation notices will be going out to the winning bidders and the donors next week. If you haven't yet paid for your auction winnings, you'll be getting a receipt and reminder notice that December 1 is the deadline for payment. The Second Chance Sale starts this weekend; details are in a separate article in this e-letter. Questions? Email us.
second chance sale started will end at midnight on Saturday, 11/9 
A few of our fantastic Auction items failed to attract a bid on Auction Night, so we're giving all of you a second chance to win them! Here's how it works:
The Second Chance Sale started on Sunday, 10/27 and will end at midnight on Saturday, 11/9. The list of items up for bid will be posted on the Auction web page, on the Auction Facebook page, and at the church. Each item's listing will include description, value, and starting bid. In most cases, the starting bids will be lower than they were on Auction Night. There will NOT be a guaranteed price for any item; all bids will be considered. There is one exception: Sign-Up Events are at a fixed price per seat.
For each item, the highest bid submitted by midnight on Saturday, 11/9 wins the item. All bidding - including by those who are at church when they decide to bid - will be by email to If there are two or more highest bids, the highest bid that was submitted first will win the item. In the case of Sign-Up Events, the available seats will be won by the bids that were submitted first. We will acknowledge each bid by reply email and indicate if the bid is the current high bid or, if it is not, what the highest current bid is. We will also post the current high bids on Monday and Friday during the sale on the Auction web page, on the Auction Facebook page, and at the church.
The deadline for payment for Second Chance Sale winnings is 12/1. All items must be picked up by the winner, either in person or by arranged local delivery. No items will be mailed.
art/hobby club
Artists & Hobbyist come join our group! This gathering is meant to be friendly, relaxed, fun, and of course, creative!!  Bring in your favorite art supplies or hobbies and a brown bag lunch. 2nd & 4th Thursdays at ASUUC. Creative time is 10am-11:30am, followed by a social lunch. Please email Pam Brown with your contact information (name and phone number) if you are interested.   * NOTE: No 4th Thursday gathering this month as the 28th is Thanksgiving.
affinity groups
Our affinity groups are open to all! There is no enrollment period and no fee required. Friends are welcome! These groups share a common interest and provide opportunities to connect and deepen our fellowship outside of Sunday Service. Perhaps one is for you? For more information, please click here.
wREreligious exploration

huge thank you!
From all the kids (and Beth) in RE, we'd like to extend a HUGE thank you to Heidi Cooper.  She worked so hard the last couple months organizing Sunday mornings in RE ensuring a program for our kids. She really stepped up to the plate during our DRE transition and made RE possible with some really fantastic themes. Thank you so much, Heidi!!!

Thank you to our amazing trunkers who braved the cold for all our kiddos last Sunday morning!!  This year may have been our fastest trunk-or-treat, but it was also a huge success with 12 trunks around out lot. It was great seeing all the costumes and decorated trunks!

re registration needed for all who completed online forms
There was a glitch with online registration and ALL online registration forms filled out for the 2019-2020 school year have been lost. If you filled out an online registration form, we will need a paper registration form filled out to update your child's registration for this year. We apologize for this glitch and appreciate your time to fill out the registration form again. If you would like to print a registration form to return to church, the link to a pdf is included, or you could simply fill out a form at the RE table soon! Thank you for your understanding and patience!

grow with us 
Volunteer in RE and grow your faith and our children's! Just add your name and email address to the sign-up sheet on the clipboard at the RE Table or contact Beth Green. Any size commitment is welcome. Experience not required. Everything provided. Join us, won't you, and help grow souls while having fun!
last Sunday
Last Sunday we had our first official curriculum day in RE!  November's theme is "Attention" and we turned our attention to the needs of others practicing kindness.  With kindness in mind, each classroom created their class covenant for the year with input from all students.

Next week we'll be turning our attention to the now and learning about mindfulness.  Each class will be led through an age appropriate meditation and practice mindfulness through games and activities.  

yruu youth group  
Starting the theme of attention, we first looked at attending to personal experience with a mindful eating meditation.  We then moved outward, reading the story "Babies in the River" to look at the importance of social awareness and social justice.  Next week, we'll do activities along the lines of social justice and awareness as well.
 activism local activism & awareness
Editors' note: Occasionally, changes are made to these events after publication. Please click on the links provided if you are interested in attending something, to make sure the details have not changed.  Thank you! 

***new event***
11/7 through 11/24, at Millibo Art Theatre, MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN. For more information visit  
11/10, 2:30-4pm, at Peak Place, COS Womxn's March Planning Meeting.
Join to work toward the 25 January 2020 COS Womxn's March!  
11/12, Solar Power Opportunity. Any CSU customer (home, business, church, etc.) can be 100% solar-powered! This is a first-come, first-served opportunity because CSU purchased only enough solar power for 10,000 homes. The Green Power program' s official sign-up date is 11/12, so mark your calendar to call CSU to sign up.  CSU is buying this solar power from a neighboring utility company until CSU's new solar array opens in 2023. City Council already approved the program.  But as part of the new policy, there is a mandated timeframe before the program can begin in order to allow anyone in the community time to object.  The new solar energy will go online on January 1st per the website.  As stakeholders, let's show our citizen-owned utilities what we want NOW and for our childrens' future. This could speed up the closing of the dirty Drake power plant.  

11/12, 6-8pm, at The Carter Payne, "Fear Not:An Evening of Hope with RAWtools." Join RAWtools for their annual fundraiser to learn about the vital work that RAWtools is doing both within Colorado Springs and across the country to disarm hearts and forge peace.Enjoy a custom brew, Fear Not Fig, from Local Relic and light hors d'oeuvres from Immerse cuisine.Options to purchase garden tools and other lovely things made out of guns and a silent auction.  Contact
or call 719-629-7040 for more information.
11/14, 7pm, Poor Richard's, " Be An Antiracist". COS SURJ book club: How to be an Antiracist.
Antiracism is a transformative concept that reorients and re-energizes the conversation about racism-and, even more fundamentally, points us toward liberating new ways of thinking about ourselves and each other. At it's core, racism is a powerful system that creates false hierarchies of human value; its warped logic extends beyond race, from the way we regard people of different ethnicities or skin colors to the way we treat people of different sexes, gender identities, and body types. Racism intersects with class and culture and geography and even changes the way we see and value ourselves. In How to Be an Antiracist, Kendi takes readers through a widening circle of antiracist ideas-from the most basic concepts to visionary possibilites that will help readers see all forms of racism clearly, understand their poisonous consequences, and work to oppose them in our systems and in ourselves.  
community community news

Editors' note: Occasionally, changes are made to events after publication. Please click on the links provided if you are interested in attending something, to make sure the details have not changed. Thank you!

liquid motion
Suset Marcantoni is offering liquid motion classes for $15 every Friday from 4-5 pm.  10% of the proceeds will go right back to All Souls UU Church. Liquid Motion is an open level class that utilizes elements of fitness, conditioning exercises, sensual movement, and dance theory to provide a total mind and body movement experience. *Spots must be reserved beforehand through payment using Facebook messenger or PayPal.  Contact Suset for more info.
joys joys & concerns
None to share this week.

None to share this week.   
all souls board of trustees

Wendy Mike, President
Justin Lincoln, Vice President
Jim Michali, Treasurer
Kathleen Brannan, Secretary
Judie McMath, Past President
Terry Schultz, Member-at-Large 
Sarah Bethke, Member-at-Large
 Evony McKenna, Member-at-Large
Jay Hatfield, Member-at-Large
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