Congratulations on making the All Star Team!
A true all star works hard and never loses sight of his dreams...
 Congratulations - You made the All Star Team!
Please plan to join us for the Strike Zone All Star Day Celebration where we will be celebrating you!
 This will be an exciting day as we bring all the teams together in celebration of a great season. The fields will be filled with all of the All Star Players doing what they do best-
playing baseball! 
Mark your calendars for October 17.  

Players will need to wear their Fall Baseball SZ jerseys and caps for the games. Bring your friends, family, and the team members that helped get you here. 
 It's time to celebrate a job well done.

If for some reason, you are unable to participate, please email me at
Mark your calendars for October 17
 We need to know if you are going to participate in this Special Event by no later than 
Wednesday, October 13 by 10 AM. 
A small fee of $25.00 is required to enjoy the day and this fee is due before October 13 by 10 AM. 
All Star prizes will be given to each player participating at the field upon check-in.
All Star Package Includes:
All Star or Promotional T-Shirt
$25 Training Coupon
Batting Cage Coupon
All this week: Free Use of Facility leading up to the All Star Game (call to make reservation-use promo code "All Star" which entitles you to 30 minutes a day in the Strike Zone!)

You can make your payment by clicking below:

Congratulations again for being an All Star!

Joe Siwa 

All Star Rosters
STRIKE ZONE • 2900 South 110th Street Omaha, NE 68144 • (402) 398-1238 •