March 1st, 2020
By Jeff Adair, Editor

After an extensive testing process, All State Manufacturing is unveiling a new line of American-made, powder coated metal micro market display units available in over 200 RAL colors. According to the company, the powder baked onto the metal gives the product a much more durable and consistent coating than the traditional painting processes. The company further says the conveyor line, powder booth, and furnace are extremely efficient with no increased costs while providing a superior finish. 

“We are very proud of our powder coat line and how much it improves our already popular products,” said Sandra Faulkenberry, sales manager for All State.  According to Faulkenberry, the product is completely built in the U.S. “Our displays are not just assembled with parts from overseas. We cut, bend, press and assemble at our Indiana factory from raw metal purchased from American steel companies.”  

A video taking viewers through a day in the life of a vending service representative as he uses Vagabond's VMS and vīv consumer engagement platform has been posted on the Google Cloud page. The video shows how the representative maps his route, prekits, drives and then services a vending machine using the Vagabond solution.

Consumer experiences using vīv at a vending machine and at a  vīv Fixturelite Market  are also shown. Various members of the Vagabond team are highlighted as they explain how Google’s technologies enable the underlying processes of what the viewer sees in the video.  The Google Maps Platform and Vagabond video can be found on  this blog post on the Google Cloud page .

With the costs of upgrading older equipment becoming affordable, even the smallest of today’s vending operators are warming up to new technology which enables payments with mobile phones and other cashless methods, allowing them to remain competitive with their peers.

One company that’s leading the way with updating cash and coin only vending machines throughout North America is  PayRange . This company makes it possible for operators to update the machines at their locations in as little as 30 seconds without having to invest a lot of capital on new hardware and software. According to the company, vending operators can do the installation themselves and it won’t require any hardware costs or transaction fees. 

Consumers on the West Coast can now purchase hot baked goods from a new vending machine.

Bake Xpress is a machine from Silicon valley-based  LeBread Express  which vends freshly baked goods at the touch of a button. According to the company, the machine can hold up to 70 products in its refrigerator and create baked goods such as gourmet pizza pastries, quiche, croissants on demand for consumers.

The machine includes a well-lit, 55in LCD screen which makes it easy for anyone to order the baked items that they want and then watch the item that they ordered made right before their very eyes.

The machine’s cloud interface makes monitoring easy and diagnostic work hassle–free as well because as long as it’s connected to wi-fi, Le Bread Xpress can fix any machine issues remotely. 

The company is now testing the demand for its machines at 10 locations across the Silicon Valley area. 

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