Viking Mullica Make-Ready Dock

Earlier this month, we brought you inside the Viking Mullica facilities to showcase our shipwrights building the best center consoles in the world. Now we take you down to our Make Ready Dock where the V-33, V-37, V-41 and V-46 are commissioned before delivery. Above: A Viking Mullica Travelift is about to lower a Valhalla 46 with quad Mercury 7.6L V12 600-hp Verado outboards into the Mullica River.

Commissioning includes a comprehensive systems check as well as a start-up sea trial. A team of specialists runs every onboard component – one by one – to confirm proper functionality and performance. These systems include fuel, air conditioning, refrigeration, live wells and freshwater washdown. Other major components (depending on the model and options selected) are also operated, such as the bow thruster, Seakeeper, windlass and generator. In addition, an electrician performs a complete electrical check-out prior to start-up. Left: Finish Mechanical Leadman Gene Hawn (blue shirt) and Electrician Luis Rivera carry out the systems check, working at the V-46’s electrical distribution panel just inside the console door. Right: In the machinery room, Gene has removed the cover of the generator so he can prime its diesel fuel system before firing it up.

The team conducts a start-up sea trial, collecting performance data for the boat and engines from idle to wide-open in 500 rpm increments. They put the boat, engines and boat-control systems through their paces to ensure proper handling, visibility and overall performance.

The crew is also responsible for loading each boat onto its trailer for truck delivery, or taking the boat by water to Atlantic City for an in-water pickup. If the boat is scheduled to receive a Palm Beach Towers gap or marlin tower in New Gretna, the team takes care of transporting the boat there as well. “Equally important to start-up is safely moving these boats during testing and preparing them for final delivery,” says Viking General Manager John Leek IV.

The Make Ready Dock group relies on three different departments – Finish Mechanical, Finish Detail and Electrical. To read more about how the trio works together, please click on this link for an in-depth Valhalla magazine article about the make-ready process.

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