Collage by Cheryl O
On a Country Road - by Cheryl O
Acrylic with fabric collage16" x 12"
$295. + HST - shipping additional

Finally some warm temperatures for Southern Ontario. Phew. Someone kept shaking the snow globe way past when that should happen! And at this point I have to say, the colours of green that are happening now are just glowing - love it.

Yesterday I was so delighted to welcome over 70 members into the new art group "Keep the Brush Moving". Registration is now closed so we can work together on this new format to make it the best possible inspiration to keep painting. Founding members - high 5 to you!

If you missed out - no worries. This is simply a 2 month Beta founding group. We will be taking most of July and August off and registration will open again in August for a September start up. All that to say, you will be able to join again at some point.

Meanwhile, you gardeners, enjoy the season. Take lots of photos too so you will have painting inspirations later. Perhaps because I can't plant one, I have an odd urge to paint a tomato plant. We'll see.

Happy Painting!
Cheryl O
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Painting by Cheryl O
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