To say there's been a lot to navigate in our personal and professional lives over the past couple years is an understatement.

You've probably experienced, or are continuing to experience, many endings and/or loss - of people, personas, places, relationships, jobs, businesses, belief systems, and ways of life in general. This is not an easy process, and requires a certain level of awareness and courage - and tears! - to get through in a healthy way.

Humans are generally averse to change, and the subject of death is still something we don't deal with as a culture with any mature understanding or acceptance, which causes a whole host of side effects and symptoms in our society that show up in myriad ways with fear at its root. But transformation doesn't happen without the removal of the old to open up space for something new. This is often a painful, but necessary process that we shouldn't deny or resist, and can actually use to reconsider and reorient our values, circumstances, and behaviors. And we are always given the opportunity throughout - should we embrace it - to connect with more of who we are and express and experience more love.

What's life going to look like going forward? I think we're still in that in-between space - and what humans hate more than change is living in the unknown lol! So it's not an easy time no matter how you slice it. But since we're likely more clear about what we don't want or what is no longer working or exists at all for us, we can exercise our 'letting go' and 'releasing' muscles. We can be as loving and compassionate to those around us as we are all going through this in one way or another.

And especially as we near the end of the year, it's all the more reason to take some inventory and process what you need to get yourself in a place where you can be as present as possible as much of the time, because that is where the most peace, power and creativity to form the future lie.

When used as the gift that it ultimately is, death can catalyze a deep introspection and realignment, which is the fuel for evolution and growth. Like the autumn leaves falling to the ground, death is fertilizer for the soul that will bloom anew come spring.

Today's PGG reflects many of these themes, and the PGG Video of the Week I reminds you why it's practical to face your challenges. This week's Instagram post is a reminder that adversity is a mirage and all endings provide new beginnings. And for the PGG Vibe of the Week, because everything is part of the cycle and this is a good one to dance and move through any grief and shake off any old skin or frustration, here is Rusted Root's, Back to the Earth.

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