All Things Confirmation #17
January 4, 2019
Greetings from Kara:  e-mail

New Years blessings to all of our 2018-2019 Confirmation families! I cannot believe that January is already here. Confirmation Sunday is just around the corner!

Reminder - I have made a decision to cancel the weekend service project on January 11-12 . There will not be a formal class next Sunday (January 13th) - BUT the Confirmation class will be worshiping together as we celebrate Baptism of Our Lord Sunday.

The last thing that we need to schedule for the Spring is our worship service at Congregation Or Shalom. Every year the Confirmation class worships with the congregation in Vernon Hills for their Friday evening Shabbat service. Keep your eyes out for a Doodle poll next week with possible dates.

Please see the calendar at the bottom of this email for a detailed scheduled for January and February.

New Years Blessings to You All!
Just a Friendly Reminder:

Confirmation students are REQUIRED to attend Junior High Fellowship a minimum of 4 times throughout the year.

In Confirmation students confirm their understanding of what it is to live as a part of the body of Christ in the church.

Fellowship is a vital piece of life in the church. This is why the JHF requirement is in place. JHF models the community of faith in the larger church. We meet (most) Sundays from 4-5:30pm in the Youth Lounge. There are always several Confirmation students at JHF! Come join the fun!

Confirmands who have not yet attended JHF or have attended fewer than 2 times will receive a reminder email from me next week.

Please note: participation in the Junior High lock-out and/or the Junior High winterXtreme retreat will count towards the JHF requirement. Due to the amount of time spent in community, each event will replace 2 weekly JHF gatherings.

Jan 6 No Class (Enjoy the Last Day of Christmas Break!)

Jan 11-12 Confirmation Service Project CANCELLED

Jan 13 No Morning Class
  • Class attends 10:00am worship—Baptism of Our Lord

Jan 20 Covenant Partner Breakfast C in Fellowship Hall

Jan 27 Class #12—Faith Statement Workshop

Feb 3 Class #13—Will You Devote Yourself to the Prayers?

Feb 10 Covenant Partner Breakfast D in Fellowship Hall

Feb 17 Class #14—Are You Ready to Cross Over?
  • Faith Statements are due for first reading

Feb 24 No Class (JHF winterXtreme retreat)
  • Faith Statements returned by Kara for editing
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