All Things Confirmation #21
February 8, 2019
Greetings from Kara:  e-mail

This Sunday is our FINAL Covenant Partner Breakfast. And it is going to be a working breakfast.

Confirmands and their Covenant Partners will be working on the student's Faith Statements.

Students - please bring your Faith Statement materials - the guidelines, working documents, and anything else you are using to write your statements. Digital copies are found below.

The first draft of their statements are due on February 17th.

I will return the statements with comments by February 24th.

Feb 10 Covenant Partner Breakfast D in Fellowship Hall

Feb 17 Class #14—Are You Ready to Cross Over?
  • Faith Statements are due for first reading

Feb 24 No Class (JHF winterXtreme retreat)
  • Faith Statements returned by Kara for editing
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