All Things Confirmation #19
January 10, 2020!
Greetings from Kara:  e-mail

This Sunday we will be meeting for class at 8:30am and then we will have a pew reserved for our Confirmation Students for worship.

Our class topic will be "Will You Devote Yourself to the Prayers?" We will look at the Lord's Prayer and why we spend time in prayer in worship. We will compare private and public prayer and even examine a few prayer practices that we can take on in this new year.

We are celebrating Baptism of our Lord on Sunday in worship. The Confirmation students will sit together and experience this interactive worship service.

REMINDER: next week, January 19th, is our third Covenant Partner Breakfast. We will be back in the Fellowship Hall from 8:30-9:40am.
January 12 - Confirmation Class 8:30-9:40am (Conference Room)
  • Class Topic: Will You Devote Yourself to the Prayers?
  • Class is Required to Attend Worship - Baptism of Our Lord (10am Sanctuary)

January 19 - Covenant Partner Breakfast C 8:30-9:40am (Fellowship Hall)

January 26 - Confirmation Class 8:30-9:40am (Conference Room)
  • Class Topic: Faith Statement Workshop

February 2 - Confirmation Class 8:30-9:40am (Conference Room)
  • Class Topic: Are You Ready to Cross Over?

February 9 - Covenant Partner Breakfast D 8:30-9:40am (Fellowship Hall)

February 16 - NO CLASS! (President's Day Weekend)
  • Faith Statements due for First Reading

February 23 - NO CLASS! (winterXtreme Retreat)
  • Faith Statements returned by Kara for editing

March 1 - Confirmation Class 8:30-9:40am (Conference Room)
  • Class Topic: We are Presbyterians
  • Final Draft of Faith Statements due!

March 8 - Confirmation Luncheon 12:30-3:30pm (Fellowship Hall)
  • Confirmands Share Faith Statements with Session Members
  • Session Receives Confirmands into Church Membership
  • Confirmands Practice for Confirmation Sunday Worship

March 15 - Confirmation Sunday!
  • 9:15am - Confirmands gather in Fellowship Hall
  • 10:00am - Worship
  • 11:15am - Social Hour Celebration in the Social Hall