All Things Confirmation #24
February 14, 2020
Greetings from Kara:  e-mail

We do NOT have Confirmation Class this Sunday due to the long weekend. But, remember, the first draft of your faith statements are due THIS Sunday .

If you will be sending your statement to me via google docs, please send it to my personal email address ( . If you send it to my boxp address I will have to request permission to access the doc and it takes a long time.

Don't Forget Faith Statement Deadlines!!
  • February 16 - First Draft Due to Kara!!! (no class)
  • February 23 - First Draft Returned to students (no class)
  • March 1 - Final Draft Due to Kara!! (final class!)
February 16 - NO CLASS! (President's Day Weekend)
  • Faith Statements due for First Reading

February 23 - NO CLASS! (winterXtreme Retreat)
  • Faith Statements returned by Kara for editing

March 1 - Confirmation Class 8:30-9:40am (Conference Room)
  • Class Topic: We are Presbyterians
  • Final Draft of Faith Statements due!

March 8 - Confirmation Luncheon 12:30-3:30pm (Fellowship Hall)
  • Confirmands Share Faith Statements with Session Members
  • Session Receives Confirmands into Church Membership
  • Confirmands Practice for Confirmation Sunday Worship

March 15 - Confirmation Sunday!
  • 9:15am - Confirmands gather in Fellowship Hall
  • 10:00am - Worship
  • 11:15am - Social Hour Celebration in the Social Hall