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As I travel around the country, 
the first thing people ask me is, 

"What is 
Connected Riding®?

" It sounds interesting , this 
concept of "connection," but with 
so many training methods being 
taught today, what makes this 
one different?

Connected Riding® is fundamentally different 

...from the traditional riding approaches. It teaches you how to ride from the inside (by feeling), to the outside (by action). It provides you with an awareness of body and movement that empowers you to move in harmony with the horse. It's connection--and ultimately that's what all of us are striving for --a connection that allows us to perform better, to communicate better, and to nurture our personal relationship with our horses.

 It will challenge some of the basic principles 
you've learned about riding
    --especially in terms of position and 
   * It will ask you to learn about your 
     own body and how it moves. 
   * It will ask you to become self-reliant 
     and understanding. 

   * It will ask you to become a student 
     of the horse--not just a student of riding. 
   * And, finally, it will ask you to take
      responsibility for leading the dance 
     that connection creates.

It sounds like a lot to accomplish. And it is. But 
even though it will take awareness, work and 
maybe even a little frustration, I promise you this: if 
you're up to the challenge, the rewards are 

You'll never be more exhilarated than 
the first time you move in perfect 
harmony with your horse.

Nothing is more beautiful than the graceful rhythm 
you'll feel as your horse flows freely beneath you. 
Nothing is more rewarding than a true partnership 
based on understanding, friendship and 

I've had the opportunity to help thousands of riders from all walks of life and every 
riding discipline begin the journey of Connected Riding®. All of them have 
discovered something new about themselves, their horses and their lives.

Every human and horse 
with whom I've worked has found 
their own potential for movement. 

It's my hope that you will begin to do the same.

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We'll start by refreshing some basics on equine movement to allow us to understand better what we ask our horses to do. 
Then we'll take a look at the kind of riders we are today and discover the kind of riders we can be. 
Next, we'll begin the exploration of our own body awareness. 
And finally, we'll put what we've learned to use in the saddle.

Many of my students have 
had extensive training  and 
find they can easily  incorporate Connected  Riding® into their 
performance with great  success once they've  mastered awareness 
of their bodies.

Click here  to sign up for an  event. Details of the Spain Retreat and Summer Camp are coming soon.

If you're a new rider, that's 
great. You have an opportunity 
to begin your relationship with 
your horse in a balanced, 
connected way. Without all the 
old habits to undo, you'll find it 
much easier to find the flow 
and rhythm of the dance. Just 
remember--whether you're a 
beginner or an accomplished 
rider--take your time. There's 
no time limit on success. It will 
wait for you at the end of the