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December 2017

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Fun in the Shade

* Fumbling your way to Connection

*New Course Catalog
* Retreat in Spain
* Upcoming SCRT 101 Courses
* Instructor's Workshop

As riders learn to synchronize with their horses, performance is enhanced by achieving lightness and throughness.

Fun in the Shade
Why is Peggy smiling?

I'm smiling because I'm Rebounding!

The trampoline is really useful to help me feel if there is any stiffness in my back. If I am stiff, it changes the bounce on the trampoline, and many times when we're sitting on a horse at a walk or trot if we stiffen our backs what we're doing is transmitting that stiffness to our horse. If I soften my body, that release changes the bounce. The horse can feel like I can stay with its motion and he'll be more comfortable and so will I.

I teach riders to break their cycles of tension through a variety of non-habitual motions both physically and mentally. It provides a basis for the rhythmical give and take of "elastic" responses between horse and rider while always maintaining a connection. 


A Sound Science of Cellular Exercise
by Love Thycellf
[Ed. Note. This is taken from an article published in "Healthy Cell News" 1996. It is reprinted here because the rebounder is an informative tool used in the Connected Riding Program.]

     "In terms of physics, jumping is one of the most basic expressions of Newton's law of action and reaction. Pushing down against the ground gives rise to the equal and opposite reaction of being propelled into the air against gravity." 
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Susan Cook

" the sweet moments of "finding it, feeling it and letting it go (a Peggy quote)."

Fumbling your way 
to Connection!
by Susan Cook
"Fumbling" is your friend, it means you are actively taking risks to not get it, so it moves you closer to "getting it."  If we're so afraid of making a "mistake," we are actually delaying our learning process, because it's each attempt and exploration that brings our learning to fruition. No matter your level or depth of learning this work, it does come in layers. Your willingness to "mess around" with the equipment and concepts, and fumble unselfconsciously allows you to experiment. You will discover the sweet moments of "finding it, feeling it and letting it go" (a Peggy quote). Each time you do, your nervous system and inner knowing will be drawn back to that place again and again. 
What's Hot!
New Course Catalog 
for the  School of Connected Riding
from Peggy Cummings-
It is with a deep sense of accomplishment and gratitude that I share our 2018 course catalog! This is a culmination of a vision I have held for many years-having a school that helps riders and riding instructors understand how to translate conventional riding language and concepts into applications that are aimed at creating more ease, with efficiency of function and movement. 

The Schedule of Courses for 2018 will be published in January. 
Look for it!
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  Retreat in Spain

Upcoming SCRT 101 Courses
SCRT  101
Course Offerings

Students from all over the world seek out Connected Riding. 
Limited Spots and Dates. 
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February 10-14 ~ Texas
February 24-28 ~ Germany
August 11-15, 2018 ~ Wisconsin
September 14-18, 2018 ~ Germany
October ~ (TBD)

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Instructor Workshop

Where in the world is Peggy?  
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Around the World Summer 2017

Fun collages of just two of the many clinics that took place in Summer 2017

Enjoy this slide show of one of Peggy Cummings' Connected Riding clinics in the United Kingdom.   

...and here is a fun collage of Connected Kids
in Germany this summer!


"Nothing beats that kind of cellular cleansing." 

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Fun in the Shade
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A Sound Science of Cellular Exercise

...jumping is beneficial to the human body. When we jump, each and every cell in the body reacts and adjusts to the change in the gravitational pull. This action strengthens each cell remarkably. However, something fascinating happens when you start moving up and down. You begin to subject your entire body to the forces of acceleration and deceleration, plus gravity. At the bottom of the bounce, your whole body stops. That's acceleration. The combination of vertical deceleration followed instantly by vertical acceleration of your entire body combining with the constant gravity creates an increased G force which is felt by every cell in your body. You no longer weigh 1 G force, you weigh more! The cells react to this environmental stimulation the same way they react to any other environmental change; they adjust and become individually stronger."
     "Rebounding is a safe, "no impact" form of exercise, and will not place undo stress on your body. And unlike other forms of exercise, rebounding is gentle enough for senior citizens or pregnant women, yet challenging enough for professional athletes. If you suspect you may have a medical problem, consult your physician for a rebounding program best suited for you."
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Image courtesy of DeWayne Brown.