Vol 2, Issue 4 (October 2013) 

Practical Aromatherapy For Your Daily Life 
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Wonders of Clove Oil
How To Stay Healthy
Vanilla Breeze
The Wonders of Clove
Clove is an amazing essential oil, with a list of benefits as long as your arm.  It also has a varied and colorful history of use.

The Egyptians used clove for its antiseptic properties.  In fact, clove was one of the oils used for embalming the dead. (At least those mummies smelled nice!)

It is said that the people of the island of Ternate, Indonesia, had none of the epidemic diseases that ravaged much of the rest of the 16th-century world.  

That is, until the Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese, competing fiercely to control the spice trade, decimated the clove trees that were native to the island.  After that, the islanders fell victim to several epidemics.

Clove was also a major ingredient in the legendary Four Thieves Vinegar, which is said to have allowed 15th-century grave robbers to avoid catching the Black Plague as they did their nefarious work.

In more modern times, clove has been used in natural toothpaste to fight gum disease and relieve toothache pain.

Clove oil has the highest antioxidant score of any therapeutic essential oil, making it a powerful oil for slowing the aging process and combatting disease.

In aromatherapy, clove oil is used to relieve stress, treat respiratory issues like cough and colds, relieve sore muscles, and improve mental focus, concentration and memory.
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We hope you had a fun, sun-filled summer! Now fall is here: a time of change, but also one of warmth, love and delicious food. 

In this issue we offer some insights on staying healthy when everyone around you... isn't.  Fall and winter should be seasons of vibrant health instead of sniffles and sore throats.

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Happy reading!

Erin & Angelica, co-owners
Divine Essences

How To Stay Healthy This Winter


Now it's fall, so the so-called "flu season" is fast approaching. It seems like every day somebody at work or at school is coming down with something.


You don't want to catch it, but what can you do? 


For the love of God, don't get a flu shot.  (Ever notice how flu season always starts just after everybody gets an injection containing the flu virus?  Coincidence?  Hm...) 


The good news is, there are several things you can do to boost your immunity naturally. Everybody knows about Vitamin C, but it's really just the beginning of the story.


surprising 2009 study linked low Vitamin D levels with a higher risk of flu and cold. This study is fascinating because it suggests a connection between your health and the amount of sunshine you get day-to-day.


Ways to get more Vitamin D:

  • Get out in the sun.  Even if it means taking a trip to somewhere sunny, like Hawaii. Or the Mediterranean.
  • Eat whole-food sources of Vitamin D. Two of the best sources we know of are cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil, both available from Green Pasture.
  • Take a good-quality Vitamin D supplement. For best absorption, be sure to take it with a meal that contains healthy fats and is low in fiber.  

Besides Vitamin D, there are some other things you can do to boost your immune system and weather the winter in good health.

  1. Stay well-hydrated. Little-known fact about water: water by itself is cleansing, not hydrating. Put something in the water (lemon juice, Sunrider's Sunectar, etc.) to make the water more absorbable.    
  2. Eat (or drink) lots of leafy greens. No, I don't mean lettuce. Kale, chard, spinach, the real deep-green leafies. We like to add a leaf or three of kale to our fruit smoothies in the morning. Tastes surprisingly good, and it's so healthy!
  3. Take various herbal supplements known to promote immunity. Chinese goldenseal, yin chao, and echinacea are good examples. These supplements generally are best taken the moment you start to feel a bit under the weather.
And last but not least, various cultures have used essential oils for centuries to effectively treat all manner of respiratory problems. Clove oil is an excellent choice because of its anti-inflammatory properties.  Be sure to read our featured article on clove oil.

Besides clove, two other wonderful oils for your breathing ease this winter are Eucalyptus oil and Peppermint oil.  
  • Both help to reduce nasal and sinus congestion, so they can be used to treat cough, colds, runny noses, sore throats, and even asthma.  
  • Both of these oils are contained in our "Bug-A-Boo" spray, as well as in Sunrider's Sunbreeze oil.
So there you have it: plenty of non-pharmaceutical ways to boost your immunity and keep you breathing easy and feeling great throughout the fall and winter. 

We'll be back in December with a fascinating discussion of the importance of cleansing. But for now, scroll down to view our first-ever customer-made product video! 

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Our First-Ever Customer Video!! 

Back in April, we introduced a new spray called Vanilla Breeze.  This spray was a special request by one of our Spray of the Month customers. Apparently vanilla is her daughters' favorite scent, but they (and she) didn't want any of the commercially-made chemical-y stuff.

So, when we sent them Vanilla Breeze, they were so happy with it that they made us this short video as thanks. Thank you Tonya, Allison and Acacia!
Vanilla Breeze
Vanilla Breeze
Customer Testimonials

We always love to hear your stories about how the sprays have helped in your daily life.  Here is a comment that really brings home the power of aromatherapy to quickly uplift anyone's mood. 


"... I had to pick up my grandchildren from school. As soon as they got into the car, it was obvious that the older child was very grumpy... As soon as we walked into the house, the children saw the spray bottle of Rebirth and asked about it. I permitted each of them to spray twice into the air. Within one minute, before I had time to address my grandson's upset, his mood completely changed. He became sunny and started joking around. What a relief!" 

~ B.J.H., North Carolina 


We want to hear your feedback! Do you have a story or a testimonial you'd like to share? Submit it on the website or send us an email. Have a question? We are always happy to connect with our customers, so please email us.
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