Volume 22 | October, 2018

Summer humidity and rain are finally slowing down, with fall festivals—celebrating with corn mazes, pumpkin picking and lots of hayrides—abound throughout our state.

As we take in the changing season’s spirit, we are also reminded of the exciting changes happening at Progressive Design Build. Dave and I just came back from an annual Remodeler’s Summit that is helping us stay on top of innovation and remodeling trends while also discovering new ways to improve customer service. We are embracing change and loving it!

Speaking of embracing change, if you're craving a new outdoor living space to entertain guests or family, or looking to transform your tired kitchen or bathroom into a modern masterpiece, start planning now . A significant remodel can easily take 6-8 weeks.

A remodel also doesn't have to be big to make a profound difference. In fact, some smaller remodels bring the greatest enjoyment and highest returns . If you're ready to talk about the challenges in your home, give us a call . Reap the benefits of working with an integrated team of designers, architects, and contractors who jointly evaluate alternative systems, materials and methods for every aspect of your remodel—and ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Wishing you a great fall season.

From your friends at Progressive Design Build,
Mike Spreckelmeier
These 10 Remodeling Projects Can Make a Big Difference in Your Southwest Florida Home
Often, homeowners think you have to complete a “huge” remodeling project to really boost a home’s value. But the truth is, even a modest, well-designed remodeling project can bring the greatest enjoyment and highest returns. Your Progressive Design Build team has collected ten of the most impactful, yet small remodeling projects to consider for your Southwest Florida home.
Annual Remodelers Summit Yields Key Insights for Forward Trends in the Remodeling Industry
Mike and Dave, returned last week from the annual Remodeler’s Summit, an industry think-tank event in New Orleans where top remodelers convened to discuss and explore the latest industry trends and provide mutual input.

Dave refers to the annual Remodelers Summit as “one of the most powerful influences on our business.” They attempt to come to the Summit each year as a way of honing all aspects of the business with the goal of continuing to provide you with the best possible remodeling experience.

Bring the Amenities of an Indoor Kitchen Outside with Brown Jordan Outdoor Cabinets
Featuring cabinetry in dozens of styles and hundreds of sizes, all made from durable and environmentally-friendly stainless steel, Brown Jordan Cabinets gives Progressive Design Build plenty of design flexibility—which we then bring to you. These luxury cabinets are frameless, European-style, and designed to accommodate almost all outdoor appliances regardless of the brand including grills, refrigerators, sinks, pizza ovens, smokers, side burners, bar stations, kegerators, and wine coolers. Transform your outdoor cooking and living experience in style, beauty and comfort.
Meet Our New Direct Greeter of Operations—Harry Wherry
Taking his job seriously—greeting visitors, making people smile and hand-shaking on demand—Harry Wherry is a valuable addition to the Progressive Design Build team. If you are in the area, or have been wanting to stop but haven't done so yet, please do. We welcome you to stop by our Design Center, make an appointment or call us at 239.939.5411 . With any luck, Harry may be waiting to greet you when you arrive.
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