Volume 20 | August, 2018

Can you believe it's already August? Many of you will be headed back home in less than two months. If you've been thinking about transforming your tired kitchen or bathroom into a beautiful, functional living space, or would like to simply talk to an interior designer about the challenges with your home, now may be the perfect time to start planning.

Planning can easily take 4-8 weeks. Get help from our professional design team flushing out what your home needs and what you want from it—taking the time to bring your vision to life.

We've been hard at work, enjoying every minute of bringing design innovation and quality craftsmanship to the fabulous people of Southwest Florida ( above is a photo of our crew delivering a custom cabinetry order to a job site ). We look forward to working with you. Drop in and see us, or feel free to schedule an appointment .

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Mike Spreckelmeier
Timing Is Everything: A Realistic Renovation Timeline
As much as you may be thrilled by the idea of a remodel, you may also be intimidated by how long the process can last. While renovation shows on TV finish everything in the blink of an eye (giving you a skewed perception of a realistic renovation timeline), your friends may have complained about how long their remodels have taken.

So what can you expect in the way of a remodeling timeline?

We’ve identified six steps to help solve the mystery. Of course, project timeframes naturally vary depending on a project’s scope, location and the existing home’s condition, but leading up to construction the pace of work remains largely the same. Therefore, we thought we’d share a realistic version of our own planning calendar , so you can start forecasting a realistic timeline for your own remodel.
A Bonita Springs High-Rise Condo Gets a Stunning, Contemporary Makeover
Our clients desperately needed a new master bathroom that had a better function, flow and aesthetic. Incorporating all of the family’s needs and desires, Progressive Design Build designed a new layout that accomplished all of their goals. We started by removing the large Jacuzzi tub and tub deck and moving the vanity to the old shower location, making room for a new walk-in shower and heated towel bar that the owners wanted. Learn about the challenge that presented itself during demolition and see this stunning master bath renovation.
Five reasons why real estate market this year could be Southwest Florida's best ever
The market we’re in today has all the good stuff of the boom market from 2000 to 2005, less two ingredients that caused the bust. It’s like someone invented pecan pie without the calories.

Denny Grimes, residential real estate expert, gives five reasons why he believes this may be the best market we have ever seen .
Featured Praise
April 30, 2018
For a truly outstanding remodeling job, we enthusiastically recommend Progressive Design Build. If you are looking for a firm you can trust and an impeccable execution, Progressive excels. If you are willing to sacrifice quality for a low-cost job, you probably should look elsewhere. 

Progressive replaced all the floors in our home, removed a couple of walls to create an open living space with a new kitchen and did some bathroom upgrades. We are thrilled with the gorgeous and functional space. 

We were out of state the entire time the project was underway. Weekly progress reports and pictures alleviated any stress that could have been a problem because we were away. The attention to detail was outstanding, and the finished product is flawless. 

We have recently worked with another contractor out of state on some small upgrade projects, and the quality difference is quite noticeable. The poorer quality and difficulties we experienced there made us appreciate our experience with Progressive even more. 
We love referrals! 

The highest compliment our clients can give us is to recommend us to a friend or family member. If you know of anyone who would benefit from a meeting with us,  please let us know . Thank you!
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