Volume 17| May, 2018

With an unbridled passion for remodeling innovation, we embrace May as National Home Improvement Month. It’s that time of year when homeowners get an itch to clean up their property and add value to their home. There are so many reasons why you might consider remodeling your house rather than selling it, particularly if you love your neighborhood and your home but it no longer fits your lifestyle. We see homeowners convert their kids’ rooms into new office space, combine bedrooms to create a single guest suite, tear down walls to open up a kitchen or living room area, and transform backyards into beautiful, multi-functional entertainment spaces.

Whatever your desire, if you’re ready to get started on your home, we’re ready to put our hearts to work on your home remodeling project.

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Mike Spreckelmeier
Heading North for the Summer? Protect Your Home with These 5 Tips Before You Go
As the north thaws out and the temperature climbs here in the Sunshine State, we see many families return to various locations across the country (mainly the East and Midwest) to enjoy the summer months ahead. But is your Florida home ready to spend the summer—and hurricane season—without you? Our Progressive Design Build team encourages you to take these 5 precautions before you leave , so your Florida home will be ready to welcome you back in the fall.
[VIDEO]: The Dorceys Share Their Experience in Working with Progressive Design Build
What Our Clients Are Saying About Their Backyard Outdoor Living Space Makeover

Josh and Lisa Dorcey live in Alva, Florida. This fabulous couple shares their unique experience in working with Progressive Design Build on their outdoor living space. This video testimonial will explain the Dorceys' need to turn their old Florida home into an outdoor oasis that is fit for "family time." From design through construction, witness the authentic account of this remarkable outdoor backyard transformation .
8 Great Lunch Restaurants in Fort Myers and Cape Coral
We haven't tried all of these places yet, but thought you might like to dine at some of the local restaurants that are getting great press. Let us know which restaurant you tried and if the rumors of deliciousness are true.

You Are In Good Hands with Exceptional Staff
Meet Gilda Ramos, Administrative Assistant
With over eight years of customer service experience in retail, banking and the healthcare industry, Gilda brings a high-level of detail, organization, and enthusiasm to her expansive administrative duties—to include marketing and general support to the Progressive Design Build executive team. She particularly enjoys problem-solving and team work, a skill she particularly honed while serving her country in the United States Air Force.

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