Volume 42 | June 2020

As Florida slowly begins to reopen and adjust to the "new normal", we want you to know that all of us at Progressive Design Build appreciate your business and support.

Heading north for the summer soon? Be sure to  protect your home with these valuable tips before you go  . For the amazing crew here at Progressive Design Build, we're busy designing and building home renovations that will continue while our clients are away. This is the fun part—working diligently on our clients' homes while they are vacationing up north so they can come back to a beautifully remodeled home, delivered on time and on budget.  Learn the secrets of remodeling while you're away.

For all you fabulous dads, have a very Happy Father's Day June 21st!

From y our friends at Progressive Design Build,
Southwest Florida Homeowners Enjoy Some of the Country's Best Backyard Escapes
It’s safe to say outdoor kitchens and backyard living rooms have become a sanctuary for many families these past few weeks. Here are a few of our favorites:
Soundproof Your Home as Part of a Renovation: Q&A

 Including soundproofing as part of your home remodel is the easiest way to bring the peace and quiet you’ve always craved. After all, the most efficient and affordable time to soundproof is when your walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and windows are already exposed and being moved around during a renovation. So why not take advantage? Learn about soundproofing basics, the various materials used, and the rooms where it makes the most sense.
“Progressive Design Build did a complete remodel on our condo. We enjoyed working with the entire staff. They are knowledgeable, creative, easy to work with, craftsmen and stay on top of every detail. We were so impressed with the finished job and highly recommend this company.“ —Steve B.
This beach-inspired kitchen remodel was part of a  complete condo remodel  in Naples. Our clients were looking to take their small dark and dated kitchen and create an open footprint more conducive to entertaining. See the spectacular results.
Design a Fantastic Focal Point in Your Kitchen With Kitchen Vents
If you’re considering a kitchen remodel , we strongly suggest considering the kitchen hood or vent as a critical part of the design. Designed and arranged purposely, a kitchen hood can make for a terrific focal point in your kitchen helping to bring the rest of your space together. And, of course, the vent should still perform its necessary function. Get a closer look at how to select and position your kitchen vent for optimum visual aesthetics, without sacrificing performance.
8 Ways to Creates a Home That Helps You Recharge
Find new sources of energy
Feeling tired and overcommitted? It’s possible that a few new habits and changes around your house can help you fix that. Here are eight ideas to try.

Southwest Florida Fun Facts
There are over 100 art galleries in Naples, Florida and they are growing in number by the year. The local people’s love for the arts cannot be overstated. There are museums and performance theaters as well as painting galleries that feature artists in and outside the country. They all converge in Naples to celebrate their love for art. Learn more
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