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Willoughby Design & the Evolution of a Paper Promo

Think You Know What OpenType Is? Think Again! pt 1

Think You Know What OpenType Is? Think Again! pt 2

Louise Fili: the Woman Behind the Food Logos You Love

Email Signatures: 5 Common Mistakes People Make

Typography OnDemand Sessions I & II

Willoughby Design & the Evolution of a Paper Promo

Nothing makes a designer happier than paper and type. So when Neenah Paper asked Willoughby Design to design a book to promote its signature paper line, it took them about a nanosecond to say YES! The theme "Fresh Takes on Classic Type" showcases contemporary typography interpreted by Willoughby, and demonstrates the versatility of Neenah's paper products Check it out...
Think You Know What OpenType Is? pt 1

I have been teaching typography to both students and professionals alike for over 20 years, and am always surprised to see how many think they know what an OpenType font is, but are totally shocked and surprised to learn about some of its amazing features. Therefore, I encourage you to read this article, as this might possibly change the way you design, or at the very least, help you take advantage of options you didn't even existed in your fonts Read on...
Think You Know What OpenType Is? pt 2

OpenType's Expanded Character Set is perhaps the most valuable feature for designers . This capability is a tremendous boon to designers who have had to do without many important or decorative glyphs that have not been available in digital format, but might have been in previous typesetting technologies such as Phototype and hot metal.  Read on...
Louise Fili: the Woman Behind All Those Food Logos

If you've ever seen a package of Tate's cookies or a jar of Sarabeth's jam, bought a cup of gelato from L'Arte del Gelato or eaten at Artisanal, you've seen Louise Fili's work. She's the genius behind hundreds of beloved food and restaurant logos. Her style is heavily influenced by early 20th-century European signage with its bold colors and elegant scripts, and is instantly recognizable.  Read on...
Email Signatures: 5 Common Mistakes People Make

If your subject line is lame, your email doesn't get read. So let's assume you've made the cut and your email has been opened, there's an often-overlooked element you may want to rethink-your signature at the bottom on the email. It can be your opportunity to leave a lasting impression.  Read on...  
CreativeLive Typography OnDemand Sessions I & II

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T ypography is an essential element of design. It should communicate your message effectively, and with purpose. Learn to how you can take full advantage of the power of type from author, educator, and expert, Ilene Strizver, with the CreativeLive Typography sessions.

In these two OnDemand classes, you'll learn the fundamentals of good typography, as well as advanced techniques to raise the level of your work to new heights. Ilene will help you sharpen your eye, and teach you skills that will dramatically improve your typographic sensibility. 

These sessions are rich in content, much of which is rarely covered, and include:
Typography: The Fundamentals
>  Selecting the right typeface
>  Combining fonts
>  The most common type crimes
>  Getting the most out of your software
Typography: Fine Tuning & Finessing your Type  
>  What makes a good typeface
>  How to fine-tune your type
>  Tracking and word spacing tips and tricks
>  Custom kerning
FREE PREVIEWS available for both sessions:

Whether you are an educator, student, neophyte, or seasoned pro, you will come away with new knowledge, as well as a renewed passion for typography!
"Thanks to Ilene & CreativeLive, I now have a comprehensive understanding of typography and a critical eye for all things typographic which I will apply to all of the design elements of my business. I'll also never look at a menu or book cover the same way!
Ilene was fantastic! She was very thorough and detailed in her lessons, while bringing her personality and humor to the subject of typography - which might be a dull topic if taught by someone else."

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