Newsletter | SEPTEMBER 2020
During this pandemic, CIPO is continuing to offer services to the immunodeficiency community. We will continue to adapt our services throughout 2020. 
Letter from our Chair | September 2020
Dear CIPO Members,

Summer is coming to a close, and I hope that you are all managing to enjoy what is left of the good weather. I know the continued isolation is difficult for many of us, and as the leaves start to fall, let’s look to each other for support. 

CIPO is increasing our capacity to create opportunities for support and connectivity. I hope that you will continue to reach out to us during these times. You will see in this newsletter and in our future announcements that we are listening to your needs and adapting to deliver services and programs to fulfill them. 

Please join us on a Wednesday night, take a break on Saturday for self-care, and listen to a playlist. We’ll be here. 

Stay safe and healthy,

Christine Duncan
CIPO National 

Plasma Home Delivery | Tell Us Your Experience
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Support | Wednesday Patient Meet Up

Did you know that we have been offering a virtual Meetup group every second Wednesday evening? 

The goal of a meetup group is to provide a social event, where those living with PI and their support team can get together, meet with others and share experiences while making new ones. Having meetup groups available can help patients to overcome their feelings of isolation, to have the opportunity to share similar experiences, learn current information, provide emotional support and to advocate for each other.

Details for the meetup groups can be found on our social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and by visiting the events page.
Opportunities | We Need You!

CIPO has sent out emails recently to those members living in the Atlantic provinces, as well as in Manitoba and Saskatchewan regarding creating Steering Committees. 

Please contact 
CIPO for more information about what being a Steering Committee member entails.
Advocacy | Plasma Donation 2020

Our ED, Whitney Goulstone testified in the Alberta Legislature standing committee in July regarding the Repeal of the Voluntary Blood Donations Act. Thank you to all our members in Alberta who supported our initiative. The initiative has been successful and the bill is expected to pass its third reading in November.