Weekly Updates
December 10th
90's Themed Information List
Sweet! Reserve Seating
Seating at the Winter Concerts is free, but you can reserve your favorite seat for a donation to support our programs. Click HERE dude, to get a seat reserved.

Oh Snap! Student Fundraisers
It's time to turn in your candy and money from chocolate sales. Please turn in all monies (no coins allowed) before winter break. Be sure your name is on the envelope before you put it in the band room mailbox. Also, we need to sell 3 Chinook books.

Back in the Day Spaghetti Dinner
February 1st, please save the date. That evening we will celebrate our 61st spaghetti dinner in the commons. All the students will perform, all the bellies will be full, all the ears will be happy. Please join us. The theme is The 90's, the students don't remember them, but we totally do. Word to your mother.

As If! Poster Distribution
Help folks not be clueless. We have posters to advertise our Winter Concerts next week. Please pick one up (or have your student get one) in the Black Box, to display at your office. Thank you.

Bake Sale, Totally!
Please sign up to bring baked goods to a Carmina concert next week. There are some new sanitary guidelines for baked goods, but do not be dissuaded, we earn a good amount from their sales. Each one needs to be wrapped. I'm going even more "old school" than the 90's and wrapping mine in wax paper to skip the plastic waste. You can sign up:

Look for details including:

  • New Pep Band Rehearsals
  • Carmina Rehearsals
  • Portland Trip for Wind Ensemble

Caroling Day Itinerary:
You are invited to stop by if you're in the neighborhood to hear Vocal Jazz spread holiday cheer throughout our community.

  • 7:40-8:05 Lawton
  • 8:30-8:55 Whitman
  • 9:15-9:45 West Woodland
  • 10:00-10:30  Ida Culver
  • 11:15-11:45 Ballard Senior Center 
  • 12:00-1:00 Rotary/Lunch 
  • 1:15-1:45 Whittier 
  • 2:00-2:30 Adams
  • 2:50-3:20 Blaine 

Winter Concert Call Time:
For the concert next week, students need to arrive ready to perform at 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday, December 18th.

Carmina Burana Rehearsals: Extra rehearsals are after school on Wednesday, December 11th (2:30-4:30) and Monday, December 17th (3:45-5:30).

Music Picture Day:
Photos for the year book are Friday, December 13th during each class period. Students must bring their entire uniform, including shoes.

Call Time:
Advanced Chorale + Concert Choir are participating in the band and orchestra concerts to perform Carmina Burana. Both evenings students need to be at BHS at 8 p.m. concert ready.
  • Band Concert (December 17th)
  • Orchestra Concert (December 19th)

Carmina Full Rehearsal: Rehearsals in the PAC for all students participating in Carmina Burana for the Winter Concerts:
  • Wednesday, December 11th-2:30 p.m.
  • Monday, December 16th-3:45 p.m.

Chamber Orchestra trip
to Orlando, FL
April 15th - 19th, 2020.

Symphonic Orchestra trip
to Anaheim, CA
April 30th - May 3rd, 2020
19, 10, 21
26, 27, 28

XANADU Adult Volunteer Needed
There is a scene/musical number that takes place in and around a phone booth. Blaine High School has just closed their production of Xanadu and has offered to give us their phone booth. We need a volunteer with a truck to pick it up. Is there anyone who can do this job for us? Please contact Mr. Riley if you could.
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