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"The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don't." - Anonymous

With Spring just around the corner, many Sellers are preparing to show their home in its best condition during real estate’s prime selling season. First impressions do go a long way, and there are lots of techniques to improve the look and feel of a property quickly. But why wait to bring your house up to snuff until you are just about to leave it?

It is said that a clear, organized living space has the power to transform your life; that an orderly environment begets a clear mindset. Taking stock and becoming mindful of your possessions will inspire you to let go of what is no longer serving you and can even prevent costly mistakes. I know a man who loved a particular luxury polo shirt so much he bought it in every color--eight in all. Imagine his surprise when he returned home to find he already had it, and again, in every color! 

Begin by transforming your closet into your own private boutique.  What better place to shop than a place where everything was hand-procured by you? A well thought-out, coordinated closet will save you time, keep you on schedule and reveal to potential buyers that there is indeed adequate space.

Organize tops by color, pants by category (business/casual/dressy/etc.), dresses by length/season. Set aside those items in need of minor alteration and toss whatever doesn’t fit into the giveaway/donate bag or the consignment/resale bag. No sense organizing what you can discard.

Ties should be grouped by color. Large scarves and stoles can be neatly folded, stacked by color and placed into see-through boxes. Smaller silk scarves can be hung on a hanger for same and placed within arms’ reach in your main closet. Do it once. Do it right. 

Shoes should be displayed as they would in a department store. Consider using bookshelves in your dressing room for your favorite everyday shoes. Evening shoes deserve their own nook as do active footwear. Athletic types, consider devoting one large chest of drawers to workout clothing but storing the more seasonal gear into clearly labeled soft-sided storage boxes someplace else that is easily accessible.

Handbags are best contained in their original soft coverings and stored inside an armoire. Slide small clutches into clear Lucite boxes so they are clearly visible. Consider placing a metal rack on the floor of your closet for your most frequently used bags in order to easily grab-and-go.

One last bit of advice for the ladies: Don’t overlook the importance of lingerie organizing. Knowing exactly where specific foundations are located can save valuable time. This may also be an opportune time to review the fitting of same; perhaps you may need to replenish a few items.

Al’s Attire (Complex Boot/Shoe Repair)
1300 Grant Ave., SF T: 415.693.9900

Corte Madera Shoe Repair (Maro)
Town Center, T: 415.924.8823

Vladimir Vladimirov (Alterations)
166 Geary St., Ste. #1200, SF
T: 415.982.7730

Laurie Harden Personal Stylist
T: 415.235.7221

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