MARCH NEWS: What I Learned at the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference (#19NTEN)
A Note From Our Founder :

This year’s Nonprofit Tech Conference by NTEN was a superb professional development event. Four days of stunning weather in Portland, Oregon, inspirational nonprofit leaders from around the world, and oh so much amazing food! It’s hard to choose the most meaningful takeaways from such a diverse event. Read these snippets below or click here for the full article !

On Inspiration
These videos will make you think, laugh, and/or cry – maybe all three. These were the featured DoGooder Award-Winning nonprofit videos: 

On Resilience
One of the best sessions I attended focused on resilience as a path to organizational sustainability. Read more

On Leadership
Your #1 job as a leader is to support and develop your team. Check out some alarming statistics on our blog .

On Marketing 
There were so many great sessions on using technology to ramp up your marketing efforts. But the one that stuck with me was put on by  Whole Whale  and one of its nonprofit partners: Effective Social Media Advertising on $100/day.  Read more

On Finance
Unfortunately, there was just one session devoted to finance during the conference – one! Focused solely on nonprofit dashboards, the speaker delved into what makes an effective nonprofit dashboard. Read more

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