February 4, 2015 - Vol. 10, Issue 2
Are You Taking Full Advantage Of Your Data?

Join us for our next Maximize Demosphere Webinar!

On Thursday, February 19 at 1:00pm ET, Demosphere will present its 71st Maximize Demosphere Webinar - Reporting Live From Demosphere.

During this month's session, we'll discuss everything you need to know about how to manipulate reports within the RosterPro� Registration System. 

We'll introduce you to the newest reports, show you how to access detailed financial breakdowns by program, teach you how to create custom reports, and more!

The session will touch on:
  • Viewing Demographic Information by Program
  • Tracking Donations 
  • Managing Financial Aid Payments
  • Organizing Balances Due and Deposits Made

Sign up today to reserve your spot in the webinar! We look forward to chatting with you on February 19 for Maximize Demosphere!

The Demosphere Network - New Website Launches

Congratulations to the newest members of the Demosphere Network!

Check out these great new sites:

Is your site a good reflection of your organization?

Update your website today and be ready in time for your next season!

Team Demosphere Out And About

The Demosphere team has been busy throughout January!

Members of Demosphere's Sales Team have been traveling around the country to spread the word about the latest product features that Demosphere has to offer. 

Check out the inside scoop on Demosphere's most recent travels:
Using Social Media to Build Your Brand

While spending time in Arlington for the VYSA Convention, Demosphere's very own VP of Marketing, Sean Rose, presented a session on "Using Social Media to Build Your Brand". 

The session outlined social media strategies to help your organization build an effective social media following. Topics ranged from the difference between organic and paid audiences to tips to engage your customers.

Sean's presentation slides are currently available on Demosphere's blog.
Demosphere Blog Updates

Check out the newest features and enhancements to Demosphere products, as well as best practices to follow at the Demosphere Blog!
How To Change Your Payment Method

There could be many reasons for changing a payment method - expired card, compromised card, or the desire to switch from an offline method.

The RosterPro� Registration System allows household administrators to find the perfect payment fit.

Our blog describes the quick process household administrators need to follow to successfully switch their payment method in under 20 seconds!
Get Custom Branded Club Merchandise

Want to fundraise and increase brand recognition at the same time?

Consider setting up a shop with MyLocker!

Demosphere has partnered with MyLocker to offer organizations the ability to create custom-branded merchandise and earn a percentage back!

Upload your logo and get underway in just a few clicks today!

Coming in March to Demosphere's ExtraTime Newsletter...

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