October 10, 2PM Eastern — Improving Patron-Driven Acquisition
The effect of PDA on budgets and collection development has been a nonstop topic of conversation for years. Let’s hear vendors talk about PDA and how it can be — and is being — improved for all the libraries who might be wondering about the future of this revolution in access.  Panelists will include Will Whalen (ProQuest/Alexander Street), James-Michael Boyer (Collective Eye Films), and Chris Dappen (Kanopy). More information coming soon — register now . No charge to attend . Duration: 1 hour.

SPONSORED BY: Collective Eye Films

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Two five-minute Market Mania Online presentations. See the latest releases and receive special offers from two distributors, just for registering.
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November 21, 2PM Eastern —
Entertainment Law & Order: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and the Library Environment
From legal access to archival issues, librarians across the country have been perplexed by demand for content that’s available only through consumer streaming. What’s legal and what’s not? And what’s on the horizon for libraries striving to meet patron demand? Panelists to be announced!

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conserve out-of-distribution, VHS-only content by joining
Tens of thousands of video titles in libraries across the country are out of distribution and can be found only on VHS. And today, those libraries share a similar challenge, to preserve legally their VHS-based content, which in many cases represents a significant investment.

The Academic Libraries Video Trust is a cloud-based repository, specifically set up for libraries to share digital files of content already owned on VHS. Different than a streaming service, the content can't be purchased, but is available to members under the provisions of US Copyright law, Section 108. Members are sharing the costs of digitizing and researching, as well as the research of legal concerns. ALVT has performed appropriate legal research with one of the world's most-respected copyright attorneys.

Uploading and downloading files is a simple procedure on the ALVT site, and we're even building a l ist of approved vendors who digitize, partners who publish best practices for setting up your own digitizing workstation, and a complete step-by-step set of contributor guidelines. The site also features an FAQ page for copyright questions, although ALVT doesn't provide legal advice to its members.

You'll also find the following handy items:

In short, nearly everything you'll need to join ALVT and enjoy a successful membership! Please contact me directly for additional information.