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Do I need to worry about my 06-08 bearing and what should I do?

Long story short, don't worry about it.

The larger 6305 series bearing used in these models is optimal for the speed range of the engine and with the seal removed, should provide excellent longevity. It is more than adequate and failure rates are the lowest of all factory IMS bearings.

The IMS bearing is still accessible, albeit non-removable, on model year 2006-2008 models. The process to remove the grease seal would be best carried out when the clutch needs to be replaced. The ims flange is accessible with the transmission removed. With the crankshaft at TDC and cams locked, it is possible to remove the flange and gain access to the bearing, at which time the grease seal can be removed.  This exposes the bearing to the engine oil located in the sump and provides improved lubrication and cooling for the bearing
Do I need forced oiling to extend the life of my 06-08 bearing?
The fact of the matter is this engine is wet sump. The IMS is partially submerged in oil during normal operation and there is more than adequate oil mist and splash within the engine to lubricate the bearing. Utilizing a bearing without a grease seal is the optimal configuration, whether your choice is for a ball or roller bearing.

The M96 engine is well know for having excess crankcase windage and oil misting due to its propensity to suffer AOS (air oil separator) failures, which its primary purpose is to separate oil from the crankcase air and return it to the sump.

A ball bearing only needs a few cubic centimeters of oil per minute for proper lubrication and cooling. Full submersion or spray is completely unnecessary and will lead to further aeration of the oil.

The only IMS bearing that needs an oil feed is the IMS Solution   as it is a plain bearing, like your engine's rod and main bearings.  The IMS Solution  backdates the M96 engine to a plain IMS bearing like on the aircooled Mezger engine.
Should I have my block modified to allow extraction of the larger 06-08 bearing?

We are aware of those who believe that the engine case can be machined without disassembly of the engine and an oversized IMS flange installed, but by no means should any machining procedure be done to a complete engine where foreign object debris can be introduced into the engine!  What may be considered the solution to the problem may in fact cause further complications and engine failure. 

Before considering any invasive procedure, you must consider the possible complications. On this one, the possible complications outweigh the actual risk of failure of the 6305 series bearing used in the model year 2006-2008 Porsche Boxster, Cayman, and 911 models and any replacement engines sold during that time frame. As you can see in these photos, if you have an engine failure after having your IMS bored out, we have a fix for that too!

Aftermarket IMS Flange installed in bored out failed engine block
Bored out IMS opening in a failed engine block
LN Engineering IMS Flange with special adapter bushing
Installation of the flange with adapter bushing
IMS flange properly installed in the bored out opening.
If I rebuild my 06-08 engine, what choices do I have for replacing my IMS bearing?
By no means do we think you should tear your engine down to replace the 06-08 IMS bearing as part of preventative maintenance, but if you do have to carry out repairs due to a scored cylinder or other engine problem, now you have choices.

Granted, the engine must be disassembled first, but with these updates no longer will servicing your IMS bearing mean you have to tear your engine down.  In 2016, we came up with revised IMS Retrofit and IMS Solution kits that utilize an adapter bushing which makes the late model IMS serviceable without engine disassembly

MY06-08 IMS Retrofit™

Replaces the original single row ball bearing with a dual row, ceramic hybrid unit. Makes future bearing replacement possible without disassembling of the engine.

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MY06-08 IMS Solution

Replaces the OEM ball bearing with plain, oil fed bearing like in Mezger engine. Designed for the life of your engine.

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