Absolute position sensing means no homing required.    

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New Scale News
January 2014

Spring has finally arrived in Rochester, and with it a lot of fresh new growth inside New Scale as well as out. This month we're pleased to share:
  • our latest updates to our ground-breaking all-in-one USB stage
  • what we've learned in earning our thirteenth patent
  • what we'll be presenting in Montreal this summer
  • and just for fun, what our kids are doing with their robot.    
In this issue
~ All-in-one USB micro stage now has absolute encoding
~ New patent for piezo vibe motor
~ See us at SPIE in Montreal
~ Video: kids and robots
~ Contact us

~ Product update 

   All-in-one USB micro stage now has absolute encoding

Ultra-compact micro-positioning stage provides sub-micrometer precision and nearly zero friction under all load conditions


M3-LS linear smart stage
All-in-one M3-LS Linear Smart Stage now has absolute encoding.
The M3-LS Linear Smart Stage is the industry's smallest all-in-one positioning stage. Now absolute encoding eliminates the need to "home" the stage on power-up.

This is yet another significant advantage over stepper motor driven stages, which must be homed to locate the zero reference position every time power is cycled, and during operation can lose count of steps moved.

The M3-LS Smart Stage is driven by a self-locking SQUIGGLE piezo motor and holds position when power is turned off. When restarted, its absolute encoding allows it to move directly and immediately to the commanded position with 0.5 �m resolution..


The newly updated M3-LS also has nearly zero friction, uniform over the entire travel range, even under side loads and high direct loads.  


Learn more:


~ Patents
   Piezo vibe motor is 33% smaller than DC vibe motor
Piezo vibe motor
view the piezo vibe motor animation

Last month we received our thirteenth U.S. patent for miniature piezoelectric motion innovations: our new piezo vibe motor, 33% smaller than comparable DC vibe motors.

And unlike DC motors, this newly patented device produces no magnetic fields and will not interfere with nearby sensors such as magnetometers.

Applications include generation of tactile "silent" alerts in mobile devices such as cell phones.

The lessons learned from this development project go well beyond this patent and are being used in virtually all of our new smart motion systems in 2014.   


Learn more

Read the news release  


~ Events
   See us at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation

June 22-27, 2014
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Booth #323

Our M3-R rotary smart module will be featured in the paper presented Friday morning by JPL. "Developing engineering model Cobra fiber positioners for the Subaru telescope's prime focus spectrometer," paper 9159-68
Session 15, Optical Fibers and Positioners
Friday, 10:40 am to 12:00 pm.

Also stop by our booth for a closer look at the rotary positioners as well as the new M3-LS Linear Smart Stage.

For conference programs and registration visit the SPIE conference website.
Please email us or call Heidi at (585) 924 - 4450 x 134 if you'd like to schedule a meeting with us at the conference.



~ Video
   Kids and robots - For Inspiration in Science and Technology 

Our FIRST Robotics team 
Watch Team #1559, Devil Tech,
at the Finger Lakes Regional
FIRST Robotics Competition (2:51) 
We are proud to sponsor and mentor our local FIRST Robotics team: #1559, Devil Tech. The teams have six weeks to design, plan and build a working robot to compete in a different challenge every year. This year's game emphasized teamwork in passing, throwing and shooting a ball around the playing field.

Check out the video of one of our matches (2:51)

FIRST Robotics' mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

More about FIRST Robotics
More about Team #1559, Devil Tech 



ContactUs~ Contact us

Send email to NSTsales@newscaletech.com
Visit our website at www.newscaletech.com
Call us at +1 (585) 924-4450 
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