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helmet-goggles June 15, 2018

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The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town

The PA12 needed to be tried out for "simulated engine failures" so I took it up to Madras for that and, since I had no obligations, I stayed for the "Geezer Patrol" morning "Services" there.  I visited my pals at Skydive Awesome and hung out with the Geezers. After that, I'll have one day left for avionics adjustments and Mister Cub and I will be back in business.
Steve Groves and his son, Daniel, arrived.  Steve spent the week flying each day and simply took the rust off. It was not easy for the experienced  floatplane and tanker pilot, but eventually we got there and he's doing a fine job. 

Daniel was a real first for Sisters. He had received a bunch of dual and was ready for a PPSEL check ride.  My pals at Outlaw Aviation got him ready for the ride and checked him

Brian checks out Sisters' newest tailwheel instructor, Sam Monte.

out in the Outlaw 172. While Steve and I were blasting
Daniel in the irrigation pivot, working on his tailwheel endorsement.
around Central Oregon and having fun, Daniel took his checkride from DPE David Koebel and passed it, becoming the first person to gain a tailwheel endorsement 
and a PPSEL in one week at Sisters. 

 Hats off to Sam Monte and Walt Lasecki for their fine efforts. Sam is the new Tailwheel instructor at Sisters in the 120 Cessna on which I worked with Wade Holmes, its previous owner, for his private license.
Daniel Groves, perhaps the first pilot to receive a PPSEL certificate AND a Tailwheel Certificate in the same week at Sisters.

  Daniel's dad, Steve and I went over to the Erickson Aircraft collection and had a good time wandering around all the cool WW2 airplanes that fill the museum at Madras.
Steve Groves at the Erickson Aircraft Collection.

On Monday, I had received a mysterious invitation to show up at Sisters High School.  Flight Science teacher Sheryl Yeager told me that the kids wanted to see me, so dumb old me fell
Sheryl Yeager and me during a previous flight.
for it and dutifully showed up Monday morning.  Sheryl told me that I should at least hang around for John Banks'  report on D.B. Cooper.  I sat and watched and was very impressed with the quality of the report until John got about halfway through and declared that he had figured out the famous hijacker's identity.  I leaned forward in anticipation....Then a huge picture of me flashed upon the screen.  I'd been had. 
The picture that Banks found which features me (right), Ace the wonder dog and announcer Johnny Richardson, when we all appeared in the Great American Flying Circus.

It was a ROAST!  But it was a beautifully done roast and I enjoyed it immensely.  What a great bunch of varmints they are!  And John Banks is a flippin' genius!
My pal and colleague, Jerry Groendyke made it to Alaska and discovered the headquarters of the Acme Flying School.  He sent me a picture of it.  And you thought it was mythical!!!
The photo Jerry sent me of the headquarters of the Acme Flight School.

Rick Brooks arrived and we're going to see if we can shake off the rust off of this pilot.  In the meantime, a word about this guy.  He has read every one of the over 200 articles on the  www.tailwheelersjournal.com .  AND he showed up with a brilliant hat which I will feature front and back.  This guy is a kick in the pants!  I think we're going to have a good time flying!

Rick Brooks with a wonderful hat.  Front....
...and Back.

Adam Haldman showed up with the J5 that he and his dad, Jay, both fly. We are providing a place for it since Sisters' hangars are at a real premium.  The two airplanes have sniffed each other's bottoms and seem to get along well.

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David Standel

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