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helmet-goggles May 4, 2018

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The Tailwheel Town PA12 on the way to give some dual.  (Gayle said "So what if you use the same picture twice".  Yeh, so what?

The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town

The first part of last week showed my return in the PA12 from a fun flight over to Idaho and the fun fly-in at Marty and David Kimberling's little field and venison barbecue as featured in the last newsletter.
Jim Mateski's PA12 (in the foreground) and Brian's PA12 (in the background) at Marty and Dave's family farm.

But as I began to teach once more in Sisters, certain changes here have become obvious.  Evidently the move of Hillsboro Aviation to Redmond has resulted in the shambolic collapse of the Madras pattern as hordes of student pilots have decided to fly the pattern at Madras. I'm not sure WHY they've discovered Madras, when they could just as easily go to their old stomping grounds at Prineville. But what this means is that their 350-hour CFI's are still teaching their students to fly a huge pattern which in turn means that a sensible sized pattern cannot be safely flown at Madras.  
The veteran instructors who have always viewed the Madras pattern as a lightly used and sensible pattern in which to fly, must now go someplace else, leaving the Hillsboro students to fly their silly pattern all by themselves.  I'm not sure where we're going to go, but Sisters is a logical choice. That means that my traditional habit of "getting out of Dodge" and leaving Sisters to the haters, will no longer be what I and other teachers will choose.  I guess we'll see how this will work, but other airports will now see more activity.  It's too bad. I particularly hope that this change in popularity will not adversely affect Madras and the grass strip which owes its existence to the Erickson Aircraft Collection.   
There is some hope, however.  My pal and fellow flight instructor, Sam Monte at Outlaw Aviation in Sisters, was telling me about a fellow who was flying the grass runway, 16R at Madras, a few weeks ago, and happily flying a right-hand pattern to 16 R, while all the newbies flew the left pattern to 16L.  This could be an answer.  If those who fly the grass would fly an inside pattern and those how fly the pavement would fly a left hand or outside pattern, all would be well.  And to draw a logical conclusion if those who were using 34 Right would fly a right-hand pattern, while those who flew 34 left flew a left-hand pattern, everyone would be happy and safe.  Naw, that'll never happen... makes too much sense! 
John Coplantz between the Tailwheel Town PA12 Super Cruiser on the left and his PA18 Super Cub on the right.

Old pal, John Coplantz came by with his Super Cub and we had fun up at Madras, with multiples, landings in a turn and even some Dutch touches! We did have to keep our heads on a swivel due to the increased traffic! In fact, if it hadn't been for the presence of CFI Sam Monte, Ag Pilot Chris Tatro and PPSEL Ryan Fukumoto, along with the presence of John Coplantz in my PA12, who knows what he's doing, I'd have gotten out of that pattern a lot sooner.  When we got back, John posed with the two Cubs, who seemed to get along, but we didn't get any Cublets, since our Cubs are both males!
Sam Monte plops his little girl in the PA12 before piling in the back seat with her for a ride with Brian during "Young Eagles Day at Sisters.

The following  Sunday saw a young Eagles gathering at Outlaw Aviation hosted by Sam and Walt.  Pilots were John Renner, Same Monte, Sheryl Yeager and me.  Ryan Fukumoto flipped burgers and we all had a good time!   
Y'know, my young pal, Luka Perle has proven another reason to fly taildraggers and gliders.  Ol' Luka has discovered that nosedraggers tend to shed their oil caps, causing a big mess.  Thank you, Luka.  I just KNEW there was something about those nosedraggers!
Luka with a somewhat leaky 172. Tsk, tsk, tsk....
I hadn't written any articles for a while, but am now working on one about the Ground Loop.  It occurred to me that this is the thing that all pilots fear when they start to get a tailwheel endorsement, but no one talks much about it. They do now!
Gary Moss started a flight training program here and we've been having a good time.
Gary Moss in the irrigation pivot.

This week's new article on the Tailwheeler's Journal: 

I had an epiphany!  Seems lots of us don't seem to make S turns work for us because we don't bank steeply enough.  Hmmm, I think I can fix that... bank steeper and stop
An accelerometer used at Tailwheel Town in a maneuver called "The Yo Yo".

hauling back on the stick, which will create "G" force, which will increase the stall speed.  Sure glad we fixed THAT one!  Read "S" turns in the Tailwheelers's Journal.  

Older Article:

This is mainly a recollection of my own history as a pilot, including how I got into aerobatics.  Some may find it interesting and a help in dealing with their own attitude when dealing with the subject of spins.  

The Tailwheeler's Journal is proud to team with Oregon Aero in our quest to promote safer pilots through  development of greater flying skill. Remember, every pilot who completes a Tailwheel Endorsement or Stick and Rudder Master Class at Tailwheel Town will receive a complimentary Headset Upgrade Kit from Oregon Aero.

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