October 9, 2018
The SBJA Essential of the Week
This Friday is Grandparents' Day!
You know how crowded our school parking lot gets on Grandparents' Day? And how some of our grandparents have to park on the street and walk back to the school? Well, here's a suggestion by clever teacher Mrs. Sleeman: Treat your parents to an Uber ride that day. They can get dropped off, and another ride can pick them up -- no hassle!

The program will begin at 11:30 in the gymnasium followed by the potluck lunch that you, our parents, will lovingly supply. Thank you!
Front left: Sue Ellen DaSilva, Sayaka Theiss, Jenny Halili, Jeremie Manipon;
Back left: Cynthia Olkie (chairperson), Janelle Blazina, Rosana Torres
Thank you to our Adventures in Art docents!
Our students are fortunate to have the willingness of many volunteers. Above are the Adventures in Art docents who enjoyed the Beginning-of-the-Year Brunch at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center where they learned to teach the first lesson of the current year. A big round of applause for them, please!
Seventh Graders are at outdoor school
Mrs. Diane Voigt has taken our seventh graders to outdoor school near Running Springs this week for hands-on science learning. Eighth graders returned from their outdoor school in Catalina, and the sixth graders will be going at the end of the month to Astrocamp near Idyllwild. A huge thank you to Mrs. Voigt who demonstrates each year what a good sport she is!
He's a rare find!
Mr. Alan Lee (above) is a volunteer in a class by himself, and we're so lucky that he's chosen SBJA as the fruit of his labors. Alan is a farmer by birth (he has a 100 acre farm in Alabama). He's a nurse by trade (he's a nurse supervisor at Kaiser Medical Center). He's a volunteer in his heart.

Several years ago, on his days off, he built our chicken coop, Now he has a new passion: butterflies. In the photo above you can see the plants he purchased that are known to attract butterflies. Here's a thumbnail sketch of his plans:

  • Create a butterfly habitat by planting host plants to attract them.
  • Protect certain areas with specific plants for caterpillar growth.
  • Provide butterfly pavilions around the campus and in the classrooms for science instruction.

As you can imagine, Alan could use some help. After his presentation at the Parenting Class last Thursday evening, we asked for a show of hands of people willing to volunteer for this project, and there was a lot of enthusiasm. If you can lend him some time, please call the school office and we'll connect you with this amazing gentleman.
It's takes five students to replace Mrs. Germania!
Our talented cafeteria director had to be off campus, so our House Leaders took over (with very minimal adult supervision). Front: Hannah Vallely, Leena Martinez-Racataian, Driti Kumar; Back: Jonathan Sleeman, Brian Poti
It's haystacks -- these chefs have all the ingredients ready to go when the first students arrive in line.
Check them out right here.
Mon - Wed, 10/8-10/10
Camp Pollock Outdoor Science School, Gr. 7

Fri ,10/12, 11:30 a.m.
Grandparents' Day

Wed, 10/17
HSA Restaurant Night

Thur, 10/18
Gr. K-1 to KidSpace

Fri, 10/19
Jeans Day
End of first quarter

Mon - Fri, 10/22-10/26
Scholastic Book Fair

Tues, 10/30
Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences (all day)
No classes

Wed - Fri, 10/31-11/2
Astrocamp, Gr. 6

No classes on Feb. 19, 2019

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