November / 1 / 2016
All new YC500i microinverter certified for Los Angeles market     

The APsystems YC500i microinverter with EnergyMax™ has been certified for use in the Los Angeles market.
General Approval under the City of Los Angeles' rigorous certification process was announced by the Department of Building and Safety, following testing by the Los Angeles City Electrical Testing Laboratory.

General Approval certifies compliance with Section 93.0303 of the Los Angeles City Electrical Code, "New Methods and Materials of Construction." The unit is certified for both residential and commercial applications.
"The YC500i microinverter is built for safety and reliability, to meet the highest standards of local jurisdictions like the City of Los Angeles," said Andrew Nichols, APsystems senior director of sales. "We're excited to earn certification and bring this powerful new unit to such a dynamic and fast-growing metropolitan market."
EnergyMax™ technology allows the dual-module microinverter to produce 274 watts peak output per side (548W total), an almost 10 percent increase in peak power output over conventional microinverters to harvest the power of today's high-output PV modules.
The YC500i builds on the same advanced platform as the popular YC500A flagship model. EnergyMax™ technology developed by APsystems maximizes the inverter's output for higher energy harvest across the solar array.
The unit utilizes a trunk cable, offering installers an alternative to the daisy-chain design of APsystems YC500A microinverters. This provides a solution for installers who favor trunk cable architecture as well as markets where regulatory bodies prefer an integrated ground.
The YC500i microinverter is now available for order through APsystems U.S. distribution channels. Email for ordering information.
Powerful. Reliable.
Warranteed. Safe.  

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Multi-module micros touted in Solar Builder

A microinverter that handles more than one module is not just quicker for install - it's an investment in long-term reliability. Fewer units per array mean fewer potential points of failure, notes Chris Barrett,  director of engineering and technical services for APsystems.

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