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Meet Dr. Jill!

Dr. Jill is a local chiropractor growing up just outside Lindsay, Ontario. She played a wide range of sports and experienced low back pain at a young age. She experienced chiropractic care first hand and seen relief from pain that had been lingering for many years. Her  goal as a chiropractor  is to correct dysfunction, prevent injury and educate patients on the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle to maintain pain-free daily activities.

She obtained her Bachelor of Science at the University of Guelph in Kinesiology minoring in Brain and Cognitive Function. She continued her education at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College completing her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. Throughout her time in Chiropractic College she gained certifications in Functional Integrated Acupuncture and Webster Treatment Methods for managing pain during pregnancy.  Dr. Jill also did an extensive placement working with individuals with intellectual disabilities. 

Dr. Jill enjoys educating patients on the importance of chiropractic care as an integral part of their health care team.  Using postural and gait analysis, ranges of motion, neurological, palpatory and orthopedic examination she makes a comprehensive diagnosis that leads to evidence-based treatment plans. Treatment plans include any combination of manipulations and/or mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, modalities, exercises and lifestyle modifications. 

For the month of September, Dr. Jill 
will be providing Chiropractic Assessments for 50% off the regular price.

To book an assessment with Dr.Jill 

Cobourg 905-373-7045
Peterborough 705-270-0606
Bowmanville 905-244-4374

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Have you always dreamed of having healthy, beautiful feet?

Our Chiropodists can help you get on the right track.

Call us to set up an assessment with one of our Foot Specialists
Peter - Cobourg
Cristol - Cobourg
Mark- Cobourg/Port Hope
Brooke- Port Hope/Peterborough
Christina- Bowmanville-Oshawa

Is Dizziness disturbing your life?

Are you feeling dizzy, umbalanced, disorientation, or have a spinning or whirling sensation?

Trust skill, compassion and experience to get you results .

Vestibular Physiotherapy is a highly effective and non-surgical treatment for vertigo

Vestibular Physiotherapy available at our Cobourg, Bowmanville and Oshawa clinics

There is ONLY 17 weeks left to use your extended health care benefits

We can work with you and your schedule to book the remainder of your appointments through to the end of the year.  

Talk to your We-Fix-U Expert today.

We-Fix-U offers psychotherapy services to adults, adolescents, and couples.  Psychotherapy services are available for a range of issues, challenges, and life events including:
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Addictions/substance abuse
  • Major life transitions, challenges, adversity
  • Life altering or life threatening illness or injury
  • Relationship difficulties, separation/divorce
  • Grief, bereavement or loss
  • Stress management
  • Low self-esteem or body image
  • Hopelessness or despair
  • PTSD
  • Personal growth, greater self-knowledge and self awareness

You can go from surviving to thriving!


To find out how WFU can help you with your mental health or that of someone you love, please call any of our offices and book a confidential assessment with our Registered Psychotherapist.

Work With Us! 
Do you want to help people?

Are you looking for a great way to start your career, with an environment that allows for growth and advancement?
Are you looking to develop your skills and further your career?
Are you looking for a competitive salary with benefits and supported education?  If so, We-Fix-U has an incredible opportunity to start or further your career.  We have openings for staff who desire to be part of a team that is committed to giving the absolute best care to our patients.

We have the following openings in our family of clinics:

- Physiotherapist (Cobourg, Oshawa)
- Chiropodist (Peterborough)
- Massage Therapist (Bowmanville, Cobourg, Oshawa)

Send your resume and cover letter to and tell us why you would like to be a part of our team.
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