Quarter 1 / 2020

Make Your Quality Stand Out

Slightly later than intended, but then far more important things to occupy your attention as we all struggle to adapt to ever changing conditions. I don't know about you, but planning is changing day to day as each company or contact is faced with fresh challenges. Hopefully, you like me, think Les Brown supplies a very apt comment above, I sincerely hope you are all well, staying safe and coping.

Booked Conference Appearances All Rescheduled

Comes as no surprise that planned events are not taking place, but hopefully the banners and stand will be making an appearance some time down the road. The South Yorkshire Expo at Magna is provisionally rebooked for July 2nd although the Autumn version of the show may be more realistic. As for Lincoln, that event has been moved back until February 24th 2021. More details as and when arrangements get confirmed.

Missing Out Trend Analysis at Management Review Can Be Costly

Such a key requirement hidden away within paragraph 9.3 - but so important to take on board when top management start to review performance. I often see a one dimensional statement regarding results from the year (or time period ) under review. However, a trend needs a timeline so always remember to compare your performance with say the previous one or two years. Is is improving, deteriorating or standing still?

In addition, are you getting different reasons reported behind the numbers? Are the type of complaints the same? Are the same areas or product types affected? Are you seeing the same type of CARs? The list is there to be exploited so that you get a firm grip on what is changing within your QHSE management system.

Suppose I should end by restating the fact that you don't actually need a 'meeting' as long as you review the elements and can evidence that this has happened. But you knew that already didn't you . . . .
So Many Remote Working Options

Well certification Bodies are attempting to do all forms of audits remotely nowadays and certainly those of you, like me, are doubtless deploying similar software to keep the process moving so we don't all hit a huge bottleneck when things resume. As you can see below I am able to run it on several devices whether at the office or, as now, at home.

I find remote sessions can be very effective for:
  • Internal audits
  • Management review 
  • Progressing CARs 

amongst others, but which software to choose?

Here are my thoughts:

If you want no more than 2 quick snappy sessions limited to 40 minutes a day but up to 8 attendees (unlikely) then look at Screenleap. There is no video, but then that is not everybody's cup of tea, and all you need do is pass over a web link so no need for your client to to download anything. You can only share your desktop but there is a chat function. Nice and clean. If you need to move up then the next package is around £150pa.

The hot one I guess is Zoom that allows unrestricted time on the free version - but for only 2 attendees. However, that is great for a 1:1 on internal audits and CARs. You also get a video option, chat and a recording function. Similar price to move up to allow more attendees.

The other big player is of course MS Teams - but, daft as it sounds, it works best if you are constantly in touch with your team. Don't see that being of interest to people working on their own, but you may find yourself on the end of aCertification Body audit call with this software. The good thing is that like the rest you don't need an account if you are invited..

To simply chat there is always FaceTime and Skype so that is handy in order to keep in touch with clients and networks alike.

At the end of day get on board with one of them otherwise you might literally disappear from view.

"Just to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your latest mail shot and love the effort and detail you put into them. They have a really nice friendly feel about them", OW

"This is really nice", CR

So, till next time, make your quality stand out!

Pete Thornton-Smith B.Met, C.Eng, CQP, IOM3