The Vendor You've Been Looking For: 
We've heard from so many of you that you are looking for a vendor that can fill the void that is missing from your shelves.
JURATOYS checks off so many of those boxes
and even MORE!
See below for more information about this amazing company.
A little bit from JURATOYS:

"Play promotes children’s physical, cognitive and emotional development.
We help children develop their skills and gain self-esteem and confidence by respecting their preferences and letting them explore and experiment freely. Children also need opportunities to have exchanges. Without relationships or sharing, they cannot grow and build their identity. Juratoys encourages this sharing through play to create happy moments." 

Juratoys Everyday Special:
$250- Net 60, FFA
$500- Net 90, FFA
$1,000- Net 120, 3% discount
Janod - P'Tite Miss Vanity Case 
Janod - Shaving Set 
Janod - Tangram 
Janod - Sweet Cocoon Taptap and Shape Sorter 
Janod - Green Market Fruit & Vegetable Maxi Set 
Janod - BRICO'Kids Reversible Workbench 
Janod - Mosiac Big Cooker 
Janod - Story Animal Farm 
Janod - Magic Tree Round Stacking Pyramid 
Janod - Confetti Musical Set 
Janod - Story Farm Train 
Janod - Let's Go Fishing 
Janod - Scratch Art Dinosaurs 
Janod - Magneti'book Racer  
Janod - Chunky Puzzles 
Janod - Cleaning Set 
Janod - Splash Adjustable Easel  
Janod - BRICO'Kids DIY Construction Truck 
Janod - Caterpillar & Co Looping 
Janod - Birdy Bead Bracelets  
Kaloo - Tendresse Display 
Kaloo - Small Chubby Rabbit  
Kaloo - Mini Rabbit and Chick Easter Bags 
Kaloo - The Rabbit in Love Activity Book 
Kaloo - The Angry Fox Activity Book 
Kaloo - Tendresse Medium Dolls  
Lalaboom - 3 in 1 Splash Ball 
Lalaboom - 5 in 1 Snap Beads 
Lalaboom - Rainbow & Beads