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As we continue to see enrollment increases at our Catholic schools this month, I cannot help but think about my own Catholic school experiences that included more than just the basic reading, writing, and math skills that were essential preparations for life. It was the extra Catholic school programs like religion, art, typing class, speech lessons, student government and leadership clubs, band and music, sports and volunteering that made the experience even better and more memorable.

Today our Catholic schools in the LA Archdiocese have many supporters and volunteers to ensure these are not just extra programs but are include in the curriculum and made available to all students that want to participate. Many of these programs are highlighted in this newsletter and I encourage you to learn more and support them. 

Catholic school education continues to be an important focus of our work. We coordinate efforts closely with the Department of Catholic Schools to identify needs, and with our important client, the Catholic Education Foundation, as they explore new ways to provide tuition assistance to families that need help with tuition payments. It’s the clients that have charitable funds with us that help the schools.

If our schools were free, every seat would be filled! It’s takes tuition and scholarships, volunteers, and many philanthropists that work with CCF-LA to keep the schools safe and in good physical shape to provide the basics. It takes programs discussed in this newsletter that realize the “extras” are really “essentials” to delivering an excellent Catholic school education to all who want to come!

-Kathy Anderson

President and Executive Director

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Art Trek

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Onward Scholars

St. Sebastian Helps Fulfill its Mission of Serving Catholic Schools

How do you fulfill your mission to give every LA Catholic school student—regardless of income or zip code—the chance to play on a school team, when a worldwide pandemic has shuttered all schools and furloughed many PE teachers? 


If you are the Saint Sebastian Sports Project (SSSP), you get to work from a different playbook; one designed to keep kids active and fit during the long and lonely months of their COVID confinement. Despite the obvious challenges, I’m happy to report that we came up with a few pandemic initiatives, including a 10-day online fitness challenge, an equipment give-a-way, and a virtual sports story time.


But perhaps the most ambitious—and efficacious—effort we undertook was an expansion and deepening of our collaboration with Fit Kids, the innovative non-profit that provides structured physical fitness activities to underserved kids. The program, (named PE-In-A- Box) includes step-by-step lesson plan videos for teachers, along with all the sports equipment needed for curriculum instruction. Pre-pandemic, we had provided 12 of our schools with the popular program.    


When COVID forced our family of 61 underserved Catholic schools online, Fit Kids helped us fill the fitness gap by developing a large library of exercise, yoga, and mindfulness videos for students to access at home. And when our kids returned to their classrooms, we managed to equip each school with an in-person PE-In-A- Box program. As a result, students in SSSP supported schools now enjoy a structured PE program run by teachers trained by Fit Kids.


We are very proud of our partnership with Fit Kids and other organizations working with us to level the playing fields between the most privileged Catholic school children and the neediest. But we know that none of our work would be possible without the support of our generous donors and valued partners.

We are so grateful to them and ask all involved with CCF-LA to consider joining us in our effort to change children’s lives, one game at a time.

-Clare Trueblood Gurbach

Founder & Executive Director

Art Trek and

Catholic Schools Connect

Since 2006 Art Trek has brought visual art to what is now 38 LA Archdiocese K-8 elementary low-income schools through the support of the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF), the Specialty Family FoundationThe Hartenstein Family Foundationand the extraordinary, continued funding from the Porteous Family Foundation.


To meet the needs and interests of the schools Art Trek has developed two programs. One is Art Trek 4 Teachers, which meets twice a year in workshop style with classroom teachers, a format which allows teachers to do several projects to learn process and techniques, gain artistic confidence, receive materials, share ideas, and develop best strategies for their classrooms.


The other half of our CEF schools invite our Art Trek staff to teach on campus. Art Trek on-site has given us the opportunity to create long term relationships with the students and teachers on campus. Both programs offer their own advantages: training teachers in the arts infuses these educators with the inspiration, skills, and knowledge not only to teach our lessons but also to explore their own art interests as individuals and educators. Going into the classrooms brings Art Trek closer to the students, to the core of Catholic education, and allows our experts to bring their best to these students.


Our art lessons begin with the elements of art, include art expression, collaboration, and cross-cultural exploration. This year we are emphasizing social justice art themed “Together We Rise,” recognizing our common threads as caretakers of our communities.


2022 – 2023

CEF LA Archdiocese Schools via Porteous Family Foundation

Art Trek for Teachers – 19 schools

Art Trek Site – 19 Schools

-Nancy Young

Executive Director

Smet Foundation Partners with Catholic Schools to Support Students, Teachers, Principals, and Staff

The Smet Foundation partners with the Department of Catholic Schools in Los Angeles in a variety of Onward programs that benefit students, teachers, principals, and staff in the Los Angeles area.

The Onward Scholars Program (OSP) is a competitive scholarship and enrichment program for selected high school students with strong academic backgrounds. OSP provides a unique four-year pathway to success for high school students who demonstrate academic excellence, impactful leadership, and motivation to dream big in their college search. The three main components of OSP are scholarship, mentorship, and college access. Currently Onward Scholars are at six Catholic high schools in the greater Los Angeles area and when those programs are fully enrolled, we will have 288 students on our scholarship.

The OSP is committed to the support and development of exemplary Catholic school leaders. The Onward Leadership Program (OLP) provides a unique one-year program for select resident principals from both within and outside of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to develop knowledge and skills of the Archdiocesan leadership competencies in Catholic Identity, Academic Excellence, and Operational Vitality. Since we started the program in 2015, we have trained 40 elementary principals for the Los Angeles Archdiocese Catholic schools. 

The key driver of the success of Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles (ADLA) is a dedicated and talented team of teachers and administrators. Our Onward 4 Educators honors educators in ADLA Catholic schools by providing professional development grants for teachers and principals and scholarships for the children of the school staff in selected deaneries who attend ADLA Catholic schools. Last year we granted $275,000 in scholarships for the children of ADLA school staff and $125,000 in professional development grants for teachers and principals. 

Developed by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and supported by the Smet Foundation, Onward 4 Excellence supports student learning by fostering the learning of leaders and teachers. Onward 4 Excellence supports collaborative professional growth in three areas: Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Leadership, and Data Assessment

Onward 2 High School is a bridge program designed to give students direction to achieve academic excellence and college readiness beginning in elementary school, and to encourage attendance at Catholic high schools. Onward 2 High School hosts college readiness presentations and activities for 6th-8th grade students and, to bridge the gap between middle and high school, has created a Summer Institute for rising 7th and 8th graders. The Summer Institute services many students from different schools and areas in an exciting, vigorous academic environment that includes field trips and engaging courses.

-Cindy Lee Smet


News from CCF-LA Finance Department 

In August, the central banks’ commitment to raise interest rates to curb inflation (despite the inherent risks to economic growth) continued to fuel uncertainty in both the equity and bond markets. On a bright note, US core inflation seems to have stabilized and employment data was surprisingly strong with non-farm payroll exceeding expectations. 

The S&P 500 Index was up 4.27% as of August 16th but closed the month down 4.08% as a result of Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s hawkish remarks at the central bank’s Jackson Hole conference. All sectors posted negative results for the month except for Energy (+2.8%) and Utilities (+0.5%). Value stocks outperformed high-valuation growth stocks, and large capitalization stock held up better than small capitalization stocks. Global markets also felt the effects of aggressive monetary tightening from most central banks. The MSCI EAFE index declined 4.75% for the month of August impaired by both stock weakness and a strengthening U.S. dollar. Fixed Income performance was negative with the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield climbing to 3.15% by month end. The Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index declined 2.83% for the month of August.

As for the pooled funds managed by CCF-LA, the Balanced Pool portfolio experienced a

-3.85% return (net of fees) in the month of August and -15.65% for the first eight months of 2022. The Intermediate Fund pool returned -1.59% for the month and -7.20% so far this year. The estimated annual yield on the STIF account has improved to +1.67% due to the recent increase in interest rates. 

-Andrew O'Boyle

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer


Great Day for

Cathedral High School

The new theater building was dedicated in honor and memory of Richard Grant. On hand was the entire student body for an assembly in the gym along with donors that have contributed to the success of the school, including the board members of the Dan Murphy Foundation that was chaired by Mr. Grant for many years, the Catholic Education Foundation, The Smet Foundation, members of Cathedral High’s Board among others.

The program included blessing of the new field upgrades, a new cafeteria make-over and upgraded classrooms. Cont. on right side 

Cathedral High School is located near Dodger Stadium and is an all-boys school taught in the Lasallian tradition. The school serves about 700 students predominately from low-income families and has one of the highest levels of tuition and scholarship support of any Catholic school in the Archdiocese.

President, Martin Farfan and Principal Fr. John Montgomery, have led the school for over 25 years and have a strong governing board that supports the mission and fiduciary responsibility of the remarkable facilities, the scholarship programs and curriculum.

CCF-LA joins the SMET Foundation at this Year’s

Onward 2022 Dodger’s Baseball Game

Kathleen Anderson attended this year’s SMET Foundation ONWARD 2022 LA's Dodgers Baseball Game (versus the San Diego Padres) on Saturday, September 3, 2022.

Learn more about the Onward scholars program at: SMET Foundation

Congratulations LA Dodger’s (SD 1 - LAD 12) on your win! 

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Celebrates 20th Anniversary of the Blessing and Dedication of the Cathedral

Friday, September 2nd marked the 20th anniversary of the Blessing and Dedication of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. A commemorating 12:10 p.m. Mass, celebrated by Archbishop José H. Gomez, was held for the public to attend to celebrate in joyful prayer. 

CALL Celebrates its

10th Annual Angel Awards Gala

The Catholic Association of Latino Leaders (CALL) brought together Latino leaders this past Saturday, September 10th at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to celebrate its annual Angel Awards in support of the LA Chapter of the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders.

Our heartfelt congratulations to this year’s honorees (listed below) in support of your service to the Catholic communities. 

Catholic Cemeteries & Mortuaries

Community Award

Dorene Dominguez, Chairman and CEO of Vanir

(former CCF-LA Board of Directors Member)

Business Award

Missionaries of Charity, Lynwood

Religious Award

Mission Statement

The Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles empowers charitable individuals and organizations across cultures and generations through professional philanthropy management solutions that allow clients to develop and sustain their philanthropy in support of Catholic values.

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