November 2019

Fall is most definitely here and with it comes the beginning of our busy season at 3 Mile Project.  Not only do we see our open-to-the-public attendance increase as cold weather arrives (in fact, it's up 20% over the same period last year), but we also see an increase in the number of rental events held here - and that number is growing as well!  For example, in 2018 we hosted 8 community events during the month of November.  This year, we're at 23!

We celebrate the fact that, as we approach our 9th birthday in just a couple of weeks, 3 Mile Project is as relevant as ever.  As more and more studies link increased screen time to soaring rates of teen anxiety, depression, and suicide, we remain committed to providing a place where kids can be socially engaged, physically active, and valued by caring adults.  God has blessed us with the privilege of investing in the young people he sends our way and we thank Him for all He is doing at 3MP!
Happy Birthday To 3MP!  Celebrate With Us During The Weekend Of November 15 & 16

3 Mile Project turns 9 years old in just a couple of weeks! 

For those of us involved since the beginning, time has flown by.  It seems like just a short while ago that we were remodeling our building, putting our policies and procedures into place, and wondering if anyone would show up once we opened our doors!  

Since that time in November 2010 we've experienced the following:

* More than 28,000 different kids have been a part of 
  our  open-to-the-public ministry

* We average well over 30,000 visits per year

* We are on schedule to host 160 rental events in 2019

* Open-to-the-public attendance is up 20% since
  September 2019 compared to the same period  in 2018!

* Our paid staff now includes 2 full-time and  31 part-time

* Most importantly, we remain committed to providing 
  a  safe, fun, and encouraging place where kids can be
  part of a positive community  - all for only $5!

WE'LL CELEBRATE OUR BIRTHDAY DURING THE WEEKEND OF NOVEMBER 15 & 16.  Special events will take place during our regular Friday & Saturday evening hours, as well as our 3rd Saturday Family Fun Day and will include inflatables, free food, and other surprises.  We look forward to celebrating with you!

Staff Spotlight
As a part of our new monthly feature we're highlighting staff member Jordan Vandermeer.

We asked Jordan the following questions:

* How long have you been a staff member at 3MP? 
Four years!
* What are your favorite memories of your time at 3MP?
Some of my favorite
  memories of 3MP would be having the opportunity to visit
  as a kid and just be myself and hang out with friends, and
  now be able to create the same environment that I
* What do you like to do when you're not serving at 3MP?
  Photography, volunteering with the youth at my church, 
  and catching up on all the latest tech.
* What is one thing on your bucket list?  I would love to travel
  and visit every national park in the US.
* Give us 3 words that describe 3MP to you: Energetic, fun,
  and accepting.

Thank you to Jordan for his service at 3 Mile Project and his commitment to making this a safe and inviting place!

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