Dear AYA Community,

While many prepare to head off for the summer, there is still much work being done at the Schultz Rosenberg Campus.
I am delighted to announce that Rabbi Meir Sabo has agreed to serve as the Director of Jewish Life at Akiba Yavneh Academy. While we work on his exact job description, Rabbi Sabo will continue teaching two classes and work to infuse our Judiacs programming with his ruach that so inspires our students’ love of Torah.

I am equally delighted to share the news that Hannah Schepps has agreed to serve as our Interim Director of the Early Childhood Program. Hannah brings tremendous enthusiasm and determination to the position. We will support Hannah with a part-time ECP administrative assistant and Jordana Bernstein has agreed to work with her as a consultant next year.

Have a safe and healthy summer!
All the best,

Chris Gorycki
Interim Executive Director