Watch Past Five Webinars on Impact of Coronavirus on Disability Community
Looking for our webinars about coronavirus? Here they are all in one place. You can find all the forms, PowerPoints, and other resources we've received from our presenters on these pages, too.
Impact of Coronavirus on People Receiving Services at Regional Centers
This webinar covers the directions from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to regional centers on flexibility, rights that regional center clients still have to services, and how to stay safe while receiving services.
Coronavirus Emergency Preparedness
This webinar aims to help people with disabilities and their families prepare in case they or someone in their household is infected with SARS-CoV-19, or the new coronavirus. Some content is particular to the California regional center system. Other content, such as the healthcare passport or the checklists presented, may be broadly useful.
Coronavirus and Mental Health
While the pandemic can impact anyone, people with disabilities and their families are particularly vulnerable as their needs are often greater and their circles of support are smaller. This webinar for people with disabilities, family members, and others who serve this community focuses on how to take care of your mental health during this difficult time.
The Rights to Health Care, Housing, Education, and Equality During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Individuals with disabilities still maintain their rights during this difficult time, including the right to not being discriminated against in health care and education. This webinar has experts who explain the rights of people with disabilities during this time. In addition, Disability Voices United released preliminary results from their survey on the current needs of people with disabilities in this webinar.
Special Education During the Coronavirus School Shutdowns
This webinar features experts in students with disabilities’ rights to an education even during school closures, best practices in how to provide online and distance learning to the most impacted students, and how parents and students are coping.
How are you doing during the coronavirus pandemic shutdown? Are you or your family member getting the services and supports you need?

Take this survey for self-advocates and family members on the coronavirus outbreak to let us know what the needs of our community are

Encuesta sobre la epidemia de coronavirus para personas con discapacidad que abogan por sí mismas y familiares
The purpose of this survey is to see how people with disabilities are doing during the coronavirus epidemic. We will use this information for our advocacy to ensure that individuals and families are supported during this crisis.

El propósito de esta encuesta es ver cómo está la situación de las personas con discapacidades durante la epidemia de coronavirus.
Resource website on coronavirus

Sitio web con recursos sobre coronavirus
If you need more information about coronavirus and its impact on people with disabilities, visit our website.
Si necesita más información sobre coronavirus y su impacto en las personas con discapacidades, visite nuestro sitio web.

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