Private, one on one Pilates & Semi private training is our focus at Imprint Pilates! Working one-on-one is predominately the best way to reach your individual fitness goals, while addressing your bodies aches and pains, and ensures you're maximizing your fitness regime based on your individual needs. At Imprint Pilates we are focused on restoring efficient movement patterns and improving overall function, through balancing strengths and weaknesses to help with optimal fitness and posture re-education in our fully equipped studio.

Working with a partner is fun, encouraging, but also makes you accountable. Together under a similar semi-private program we will guide you through a creative specialized program to meet or exceed both of your expectations.   


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Getting back in shape after having a baby can seem an intimidating and time consuming task. A Pilates program is both a perfect pre and post-natal workout helping strengthen and tone the whole body. Pilates can be practiced by new mothers in varying post-natal stages helping strengthen the core, relieving lower back pain, pelvic girdle pain, sciatica, upper back and shoulder tension by strengthening the core, gluteus (butt), thighs and stretching all while focusing on reinforcing good posture and correcting poor posture as the body changes. It is a wonderful workout for the new mother. Babies 6 weeks until they are crawling are welcome to Post-natal classes! Please bring the little ones in their carseats or carriers, whatever will keep them comfortable.  Strollers stay downstairs. Please bring a blanket and a couple toys for baby. Moms can nurse and take breaks when needed.

  • 1:15pm -60min MOM & BABY | Post-natal Pilates & Yoga 
  • 5:30pm Prenatal Pilates & Yoga
  • 11:15am - 60min MOM & BABY | Post-natal Pilates & Yoga  NEW
  • 5:30pm - 50min Pilates | Yoga | TRX (All Levels & Prenatal Welcome) - *regular TRX rates
  • 5:30pm Prenatal Pilates & Yoga
  • 6:45 - 55min Restorative Yoga ( All Levels & Prenatal Welcome) - *regular mat class rate
  • 10:35am - 55mins Yoga Flow ( Gentle |All Levels| Prenatal Welcome)

A message | Our Team | Our Community
Spring brings all the Feels!

The past few years I have been working mostly remotely while raising a family which has been humbling, challenging and exciting. I would not be able to do this without the support of every successful woman and man in my tribe who have my back.  Thank you and I truly feel grateful for all the above.  

I receive emails daily and feedback from our Private members, men and woman, ongoing throughout the year with heart warming messages about your experience and trust in us and each of your life changing experiences brings us daily joy and equal success. We are honoured to be apart of your journeys and knowing you are benefiting from your commitment and loyalty to your private practice and us.  Many of you I have never had the pleasure of meeting in person but I always love to hear from each of you. 

Imprint Pilates is about inspiring whole-body health, wellness and quality of movement to live a happier healthier life! We strive to help you meet your current personal best and ideally live a pain free lifestyle. Beyond self-care, Imprint Pilates is so much more and also about our amazing community and our team, and this group effort to foster this wellness mission over the last decade and our community has become the cornerstone of who we are today.

We wanted to share with you our history which does includes a lifetime clients and a community that has built on many amazing connections and forever friendships over the years.  We deeply believe in fostering a healthy positive supportive community - and we have a genuine interest in the well-being of others, in a non judgemental space - being you- as being integral to healthy living. We hear this from you! We are all thriving because we are able to work together as a unit. We are a diverse talent of people, instructors, practitioners and community that have been brought together...maybe through vibrational energy - as positive high vibrating people hang together and those energies stick together... whatever it is, we are grateful for all you living souls!

Most importantly, we hear that Imprint Pilates is a safe place for our community to share, heal, be connected, open and honest for everyone to grow and the diversity of conversation helps our community thrive.  We maintain privacy for our clients always and in our social media.  It's hard for us to put in words what you have all expressed about your happiness within our community and we thank you for sharing with us your gratitude and unique stories.  Our team often contributes beyond their potentially limited scope of our role and that's because we have such amazing clients whom we have built long -term relationships with, that it's not difficult to go over and beyond our service.  Listening to our community feedback has helped us grow, expand and develop your individual programs over the years.  Seeing our community succeed gives us mutual satisfaction. 

Imprint Pilates continues to be the home to many beautiful relationships, and we wanted to highlight this history and feedback of where it all began for so many friendships, memories, stories...It brings us joy knowing our little studio brought so many beautiful people together, and for the individual journeys which started and later shaped many careers.  We reflect on all your stories and where it all began at 101 Spadina Avenue suite 103. 

Imprint Pilates continues to grow and evolve as a community as we introduce new and exciting workshops, services and training, practitioners, as fitness evolves and advances, we well continue to keep us in the forefront, meeting the individual needs of our clients and friends. Having integrative services has always been a part of my vision and equally important to our individual health needs and healing.

We love you all, and wish you a beautiful slow start to spring, full of new growth, transformation, and wondrous things to come!   We feel the magical shifts that are happening.  Blessings and love to you all! 


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