Volume 3 | Issue 20
Weekly View
2/27 - Mass 8:15 (Formal Uniform Required); Dismissal 3pm

2/28 - Dismissal 3pm;

3/1 - 8th Grade Trip to LA Cathedral w/ Fr. Edwin; Dismissal 3pm

3/2 -  Saturday Family Time-As a family, begin discussing and preparing for Lent. (see below)

3/3 - Attend Mass/Church as a Family!; Jr. High Academic Decathlon (Please pray for our students who have been studying for the past several months to represent our school in various academic areas. Good Luck to our team and their families who will be watching and cheering them on at this event in Long Beach with 100 other Catholic schools!)

3/4 - Dismissal 3pm (NO FSHA Tutoring After School)

3/5 - Mardi Gras; Dismissal 1:45pm

3/6 - Ash Wednesday Mass 8:15 (Formal Uniform Required); Dismissal 3pm

3/7 - Dismissal 3pm

3/8 - Station of the Cross 11:30; Dismissal 12:30

3/9 - School CLEAN UP 8am-10am (See Below)

3/10 Attend Mass today as a Family!; Try a family Lenten activity like making pretzels (see link below), reading Bible stories together, or decorating your table.
Daylight Savings Begins

Please click below for a school calendar, but remember that it is subject to change. The most updated information, dismissal times, and sports schedules can be found on the school website at stignatiusla.org. Click the website link below to take you there!

Sharing Our Story - Decorate for Lent?

The season of Lent will begin on Ash Wednesday, March 6th. It is a time of reflection and a time for us to re-commit ourselves to our faith. If you have not done so before, consider 'decorating' your home for Lent and doing special things as a family that will make the celebration of our most important holy day of the year, Easter, even more meaningful. You might consider putting a cross on your dining table, using a purple table cloth, and/or putting a candle surrounded by branches in the shape of the crown of thorns. Some families put a jar on the table and they put the money that would have gone to buy snacks and treats that have been given up for Lent in the jar. Then as a family, they decide on a place to donate the money at the end of Lent. You can also make a special effort to attend Mass more regularly at St. Ignatius, or at your home parish, remembering that it is not about what we GET out of Mass, but what we PUT INTO Mass that will make Mass a meaningful experience.
Whatever you choose to do, I pray that this Lenten season will renew your faith in God and that you spend time with your children reflecting on Christ's great sacrifice in giving up his life to free us from our sin. May God bless you during this holy season.
~ Mrs. Ileana Wade


We are so thankful for the many blessings we receive each day. During Lent, our school community will bless others by bringing in canned goods during the week and offering them up at our Wednesday Masses. Together, we can do so much more and in this way, we can provide assistance to the St. Ignatius Pastoral Center and St. Vincent de Paul Society who prepare food for the needy each day and hand out bags of groceries to needy families each Friday.
Financial Responsibilities

Thank you to all families who have made their February tuition payments. If you have not done so, please check your SMART TUITION account or stop by the office to make the February payment which is now past due.
A friendly reminder to all families who are making tuition payments on the 5th of the month that the March payment will soon be due.

Thank you to all families who have been able to catch up on their tuition payments and for making it possible to maintain our school program and keep our doors open through your tuition payments and fundraising efforts.
Re-registration forms for next year have gone out. Please be sure to return them as soon as possible so we can hold your child's spot in class and put his/her name on the roster for next year.
Registration fees cover materials, books, earthquake supplies, technology fees, classroom party fees, online subscriptions, among other important things.
Please return your forms so that contracts meetings can be scheduled.

  • ALL FAMILIES WHO WILL NEED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR NEXT YEAR MUST FILL OUT A CEF SCHOLARSHIP FORM, WHETHER YOU BELIEVE YOU WILL QUALIFY OR NOT. Renewal applications will be given out by the office. If you are applying for the first time, please see Ms. Maryellen in the office for an application. All families applying for CEF scholarships will need to make online appointments with CEF to determine eligibility. The appointments will be held in April at Sacred Heart High School.

  • Contract meetings for those who will request financial assistance will only be made if the family has filled out a CEF form, even if you do not qualify for CEF.

  • Families who will not be requesting financial assistance will receive their contracts in the mail. Please sign and return at your earliest convenience before May 15, 2019.

Our school needs your help! The rain has relieved our drought, but it has also made all of the plants in front of the school overgrow. WE NEED YOUR TO HELP TO TRIM DOWN ALL OF THE WEEDS AND PLANTS THAT HAVE OVERGROWN in front of the school! We will have a clean up day on Saturday, March 9th from 8-10. Double service hours will be given. Please bring weed whackers, clippers, and/or lawn garbage bags as well as gardening gloves. The more people we have, the faster it will get done. Your will get four service hours for two hours of work! We appreciate your help in making our school look good! Remember to mark your calendar for Saturday, March 9th from 8-10.


Parents who plan to volunteer at school during the coming school year must be Virtus trained. Virtus is the child safety training program that all adults who work and volunteer around children at church or school must complete. It focuses on appropriate interactions with children. There is no cost to you. Virtus certification must be updated every four years through a 1 1/2 hour re-certification class. You must complete Virtus 1 before doing a re-certification. The safety of our children is extremely important to all. Please be sure to attend a training if you plan on volunteering/helping out at school.

To find locations for Virtus training please click on the link below and scroll to (Archdiocese of) Los Angeles location. St. Ignatius falls under the San Fernando Region, but you may attend a Virtus class in any of the five Regions in LA County.

Please be sure to obtain a certificate and bring it to the school office so we can make a copy for our files. All Staff, Parent Board, Room Parents, and Volunteers must be Virtus trained for the safety of our students.

Please see the information below regarding the science program  Expanding your Horizons  for girls in grades 5-8. The event is on Saturday, March 9 and registration is open via the link below. This information comes to us from one of our terrific partners in Catholic education, Dr. Carol Johnston at Mount Saint Mary’s University, where the event is hosted.

Expanding Your Horizons is a career day organized by the Math/Science Interchange that is intended to inform young women about careers in math- and science-related fields. The conference is aimed at girls in grades 5-8. Girls participate in hands-on workshops such as dissecting pig hearts, isolating DNA, and making colors with chemistry.
There are also workshops for parents, teachers and counselors about making math and science a career option for girls.
There is a $20 fee for each participant to cover lunch and materials. Note that only paid registered participants may attend the conference. There is no on-site registration.
Check-in  begins at 8:45am and the program starts with the Keynote Address at 9:30am. Please be sure to arrive NO LATER that 9:15am!! Our program will finish at 2:30pm.

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