Volume 3 | Issue 15
Weekly View
Wednesday 11/28- Mass 8:15 (Formal Uniform); Honor Roll 9:15; Dismissal 3pm

Thursday 11/29- Dismissal 3 pm

Friday 11/30- Dismissal 3 pm

Saturday 12/1 - Mass 5 pm (If you can't attend Family Mass Tomorrow)

Sunday 12/2 - St. Nicholas Family Mass at 11 am; Highland Park Christmas Parade!

Monday 12/3 - NO SCHOOL! PARADE HOLIDAY-THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING AND REPRESENTING ST. IGNATIUS AT THE HOLIDAY PARADE!! Remember to ask your teacher for a Free Dress Pass at the end of the parade route before you leave with your parents/guardians!

Tuesday 12/4 - Free Dress for those who got passes after the parade; Dismissal 1:45

Please click below for a school calendar, but remember that it is subject to change. The most updated information, dismissal times, and sports schedules can be found on the school website at stignatiusla.org. Click the link below to take you there!

Sharing Our Faith - THE ADVENT SEASON

Our church year comes to an end this Saturday and we begin a NEW church year on Sunday with the first day of ADVENT. What a blessed time of hope and reflection on the coming of Christ. Please click on the link below and take two minutes to watch a great video about Advent with your children then talk about what your family can do this Advent to prepare for the coming of Jesus to our world and our hearts. You can get some great ideas from the Family Activities for Advent link below. Check out the Interactive Advent Calendar for daily small things you can do to focus on Jesus this Advent. Prayers for a blessed and grace-filled Advent for everyone in our school family!
~Mrs. Wade

Financial Responsibilities

A friendly reminder to all families who are making tuition payments on the 20th of the month that payment is now past due.
Thank you to all families who have been able to catch up on their tuition payments!
Reminder letters are being sent and we thank you for all the sacrifices you make to pay tuition so your child can attend our school.
We are so grateful that you value your child's Catholic education and make your payments so that our teachers and staff can receive their salaries. Thank you!
Family Mass and Christmas Parade
The Northeast Christmas Parade has become a fun-filled tradition for our school community. All of our teachers will be present and we look forward to seeing many, many students and their families. Pets are welcomed too! We enjoy wishing everyone a 'Merry Christmas' as we walk down Figueroa to the end of the route at Sycamore Park. Please make plans to attend the special St. Nicholas mass at 11am, then we will walk down to Figueroa to line up for the parade.
Coming Soon...
Do you need to do some Christmas shopping without your child(ren)? When was the last time you went out to dinner or a movie WITHOUT the kids? Want to have a few quiet hours at home?
You won't want to miss this Parent Guild Board sponsored event coming soon! For only $20, you will drop off your child in the Parish Hall at 5pm and pick up at 9pm. Your child will get dinner, dessert, and a movie, and you will get some prime Saturday night time! Be on the lookout for a flyer with all the details coming home later this week. (P.S. Mark December 8th on your calendar for this event.)
Thank you to all the parents and students who attended Family Conferences. It is so important for our students to see how we all work together for their benefit.

All parents/guardians are asked to make sure to sign up for 'Remind' text messages. It is very vital that each parent or guardian sign up to receive important information that is sent out from school. Please don't miss any messages! Sign up info is found near the door of your child's classroom. Based on the survey taken a t the end of the Parent Guild Meeting, over 90% of all parents are receiving Remind texts. Please be sure you sign up if you have not yet done so.

Candy Sale News

Candy sale prizes will be ordered soon. Please remember that prizes can only be given to students who turned in their money by the dead line. If you have not yet turned in your candy money, PLEASE do so ASAP so we can close out this important fund-raiser.

Parents who plan to volunteer at school during the coming school year must be Virtus trained. Virtus is the child safety training program that all adults who work and volunteer around children at church or school must complete. It focuses on appropriate interactions with children. There is no cost to you. Virtus certification must be updated every four years through a 1 1/2 hour re-certification class. You must complete Virtus 1 before doing a re-certification. The safety of our children is extremely important to all. Please be sure to attend a training if you plan on volunteering/helping out at school.

To find locations for Virtus training please click on the link below and scroll to (Archdiocese of) Los Angeles location. St. Ignatius falls under the San Fernando Region, but you may attend a Virtus class in any of the five Regions in LA County.

Please be sure to obtain a certificate and bring it to the school office so we can make a copy for our files. All Staff, Parent Board, Room Parents, and Volunteers must be Virtus trained for the safety of our students.
Did You Know? ... Christmas Program

The best way to get into the holiday spirit is by attending our annual Christmas Program! Students have begun preparing for this special event. This year's program will be held on Tuesday, December 18th at 6:30pm in the Church. Make sure to mark your calendar so you won't miss it!

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