Volume 3 | Issue 16
Weekly View
Wednesday 1/16- NO Mass Today (Fr. Edwin is out of town/no available priests); K4K Churro Sale; Dismissal 3pm; Habit Burger Fundraiser 3-10pm, Eagle Rock

Thursday 1/17- National Hat Day/K4K $.50 Hat Day(Students may wear hats of their choice at school for $.50); Dismissal 3pm

Friday 1/18- K4K Activity Day (Information will be sent home by teachers); Dismissal 3pm

Saturday 1/19 - ONE LIFE L.A. EVENT (see below); Mass 5pm (If you can't attend Mass tomorrow)

Sunday 1/20 - Masses at 9am and 11am (English) 7am and 1pm (Spanish)

Monday 1/21 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day- No School

Tuesday 1/22 - Pizza Lunch W/ Teacher Raffle Begins; Dismissal 1:45;

Wednesday 1/23 - Mass 8:15 (Formal Uniform Required); K4K $1 Fun in the Sun Day (extra outdoor play); Dismissal 3pm

Thursday 1/24 - K4K Buddy day; Dismissal 3pm

Friday 1/25 - Pizza Lunch Raffle Winners Lunch with Teachers; Progress Reports go home today; Dismissal 3pm

Saturday 1/26

Sunday 1/27 - Family Mass 9am; OPEN HOUSE 10:30am

Please click below for a school calendar, but remember that it is subject to change. The most updated information, dismissal times, and sports schedules can be found on the school website at stignatiusla.org. Click the website link below to take you there!

Sharing Our Faith - One Life L.A.
What is OneLife LA?
  1. OneLife LA is a walk for life in downtown LA for all of Southern California.
  2. We celebrate the beauty and dignity of every human life from conception to natural death.
  3. OneLife ends with a festival, live music, food trucks, and inspiring speaker testimonies.
  4. Through our Community Partners, OneLife acts as a catalyst for change and service in our neighborhoods.
OneLife LA is happening this Saturday, January 19, 2019. All families are welcome to participate. More information can be found at the OneLife LA website. Just click on the link below!

Financial Responsibilities

A friendly reminder to all families who are making tuition payments on the 20th of the month that payment will be due soon.
Thank you to all families who have been able to catch up on their tuition payments! We rely on your payments to run the school!
We have more parents making consistent tuition payments, but we would like to reach our goal of 100% so that all parents are paying their contracted portion regularly as promised.
For us, Catholic education is a mission and while we support our fellow teachers of LA Unified, you do not need to worry about our teachers going on strike or walking out. We are here for you and your children, doing our very best to provide a quality education for every child.
We are so grateful that you value your child's Catholic education and make your payments so that our teachers and staff can receive their salaries. Thank you!
Open House
Open House is this year will be on January 27th following 9am Family Mass. Please plan to come to Mass and Open House to see all the great things happening at our school. Bring a guest family and make sure they sign in so your child can enjoy a free dress day. If your guest family enrolls a student at St. Ignatius, you will receive a $100 credit on NEXT YEAR'S tuition.
We will also begin re-registration for the 2019-2020 school year on this day. Families who pay a minimum of $50 towards their re-registration fees on this day will receive a raffle ticket. The winner will have the rest of one (1) registration fee paid for one (1) child.

  • Guest Family Attends & Signs In = Free Dress Day for your child(ren)
  • Guest Family Enrolls student(s) = $100 credit for your Next Year's tuition
  • $50 Re-registration Payment on 1/28 = Raffle ticket to win Re-registration pay off for one (1) student
Great Fun at Murder Mystery Night

Thanks to our Development Director, Ms. Fitzpatrick, and her troupe of actors who made our Murder on the Menu event so much fun. Thanks also to the moms, dads, and grandmothers who worked throughout the day preparing the hall and the food for the evening, then cleaning up. All in attendance had a great time trying to solve the murder! Be sure to join us for the next Murder on the Menu night!!
Special thanks to the Los Angeles Fire Department who came in and 'removed the body'. We are so glad they could join us for a bit at this fun event.

Koins 4 Kids Drive
Students will have many opportunities to make donations to the Koins4Kids fundraiser. Information will be on the calendar (above) and will be sent home as well.
Please remember to drop spare change in the tub in the office!

Koins 4 Kids Mascot-Pia Penguin

Each year, the class that brings in the most money has the privilege of having Pia Penguin stay in their room for the year. Why Pia? In honor of Mother Maria Pia Bakes, foundress of the MSJ Dominicans. Why a penguin? Because our Dominican sisters wear black and white, just like penguins!
Booking Guest Speakers Now!
If you would like to speak to our classes about your job, or know someone who would be willing to spend some time at our school telling our students about their careers, please contact Ms. Maryellen in the school office. She will be scheduling guest speakers for Career Day which will take place on Wednesday, January 30, 2019. Our students love career day and are inspired by our guests to consider new jobs and career opportunities. 323.255.6456

Parents who plan to volunteer at school during the coming school year must be Virtus trained. Virtus is the child safety training program that all adults who work and volunteer around children at church or school must complete. It focuses on appropriate interactions with children. There is no cost to you. Virtus certification must be updated every four years through a 1 1/2 hour re-certification class. You must complete Virtus 1 before doing a re-certification. The safety of our children is extremely important to all. Please be sure to attend a training if you plan on volunteering/helping out at school.

To find locations for Virtus training please click on the link below and scroll to (Archdiocese of) Los Angeles location. St. Ignatius falls under the San Fernando Region, but you may attend a Virtus class in any of the five Regions in LA County.

Please be sure to obtain a certificate and bring it to the school office so we can make a copy for our files. All Staff, Parent Board, Room Parents, and Volunteers must be Virtus trained for the safety of our students.
Did You Know? ... Uniform Policy

  • The girls’ casual uniform (optional) includes a jumper (TK-2)/skirt (3-8) or navy walking short or navy slacks and white or navy polo. The girls’ formal uniform includes the jumper/skirt with button down overblouse and cross tie. Girls must wear formal uniform on Mass days (Wednesdays) and as requested for special events. Girls may wear navy cardigan, zip knit sweater, zip up hoodie, or pullover hoodie as long as it is an official school item. On cold days girls may wear black or white thermal shirts under their uniforms. On extremely cold and rainy days, girls may wear an extra coat over the uniform, but they must take it off inside the classroom. Girls’ uniforms must be no more than two inches above the knee. Additionally, girls are encouraged to wear navy blue bike shorts under their jumpers and white undershirts under their blouses. These bike shorts and undershirts must not be visible. Formal uniform CAN be worn daily. Casual uniform polos are optional and not required.
  • The boys’ casual uniform includes navy walking short or navy slacks and a white, powder blue, or navy blue shirts. The boys formal uniform includes the slacks with a button down white oxford shirt (long or short sleeved) and a blue tie. Boys must wear formal uniform on Mass days (Wednesdays) and as requested for special events. Boys may wear navy cardigan, zip up hoodie, or pullover hoodie as long as it is an official school item. On cold days, boys may wear black or white thermal shirts under their uniforms. On extremely cold and rainy days, boys may wear an extra coat over the uniform, but they must take it off inside the classroom.
  • PE: All students must wear PE shirts and shorts with school logo. School sweatpants are optional and can only be worn on a student’s PE day.
  • Shoes: All students must wear athletic shoes with good support everyday. Girls: all black with black laces - leather, suede athletic style shoes may be worn. Manufacturer’s logo and accents may be white. Boys: all black with black laces - leather, suede athletic style shoes may be worn. Manufacturer’s logo and accents may be white. Style: Athletic type leather, suede or canvas shoe with laces or Velcro closures may be worn. Boots, sandals, slip-on style, patent leather, platform soles, lighted soles, shoes with zippers or wheels, or backless mule style shoes are NOT permitted. TK/K has a separate shoe policy. Rain boots are acceptable on very rainy days.
  • Socks: Girls: Students must wear white, navy, or black socks (crew, knee high) with no adornments. All socks must visible above the shoe. White, navy, or black tights are acceptable for girls. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PERMITTED at any time. Boys: Students must wear white, navy, or black socks and they must be visible above the shoe.
  • Hair: Girls: Hair must be neat and clean and cut in an appropriate style. Hair may not interfere with vision by covering the eyes. No exaggerated or outrageous styles are permitted. Tinted, highlighted, streaked, frosted, bleached, shaved or dyed hair is not allowed. Boys: Hair must be neat, clean and cut in an appropriate style that is above the ears and eyebrows and is one inch above the collar. No exaggerated or outrageous styles are permitted. Hair must be trimmed to a conservative length, but no shorter than a #2 buzz cut, and no excessively long hair on top. Tinted, highlighted, streaked, frosted, bleached, shaved, or dyed hair is not allowed. Boys must be clean-shaven at all times. Cultural traditions are taken into consideration.
  • Make-up/Nails: Make-up or its residue, false nails, or colored nail polish is not permitted. Students may wear clear Chap Stick if needed in cold weather, and clear or natural looking nail polish may be worn by girls. No body art (tattoos) whether permanent or temporary is allowed.
  • Jewelry: Girls: One small stud earring per ear is allowed. For safety reasons, no loop earrings may be worn. THREE TOTAL bracelets and ONE necklace may be worn. (3 bracelets MAX total – not on each hand)
  • Boys: Earrings may not be worn to school. Over sized, inappropriate, or excessive amounts of neck chains or bracelets are not allowed. (1 necklace and 2 bracelets MAX total – not on each hand) Accessories: Only moderate hair accessories are acceptable- the appropriateness of any accessories will be left to the discretion of the administration. Hair accessories must be aligned with uniform colors (White, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black). Head coverings such as hats or scarves are not allowed. No hats may be worn during school hours unless it is for a specific reason, such as a fundraiser, etc.
* The Administration reserves the right to address dress code violations in any manner deemed appropriate, up to and including the parent coming to school with the appropriate article of attire or the student being sent home.

-from the Parent/Student Handbook found at stignatiusla.org

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