Volume 30, No. 3 March 2020
Heart Lines Newsletter
The Center for Spiritual Living Prescott provides spiritual tools to transform our
personal lives and make the world a better place.
It can be hard to find time to just stop the busyness of life. Even when I’m just relaxing, there tends to be a book to read, a show to watch or some puttering around the house that wants to be done. This month we witness and honor the Divine Feminine in all of us, and so it seems appropriate that I will be gone for a few days (after the Board Meeting on the 22 nd until the following Thursday) on a retreat.
What does one do on a retreat? Not much, at least on the outside. I’ll journal, maybe read or listen to a book, stare into the horizon, walk amongst the trees in silence and probably light a fire in the fireplace. The first day I’m usually irritable because that’s when I’m metaphorically pumping the brakes. Usually, if I can get through that part without finding some “work” to do, things in my head get quiet. That’s why I’ve learned to take at least 3 full days. I’m usually getting to the Being part of me on day three.
If you were to slow down and just go quiet, what do you think would happen? Would you feel bad or uncomfortable turning off your phone, your TV and radio and just daydreaming for hours at a time? Would you be alright with sleeping at whatever time you fall asleep and being awake when you wake up, without a schedule to follow? It can be discomfiting at times, but I highly recommend trying it. It tends to be my most productive non-doing. 

Rev. Kathleen Sibley
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Dr. Holmes said that we have learned enough from suffering and it's time to learn from joy. In this class we will explore the different experiences of abundance, and how we know we are calling on the Infinite Source rather than our inner resources. We'll learn a simple exercise to remove blocks to abundance and we'll have a bit of fun.

Instructors: Rev. Kathleen Sibley
When: 3.21.20, 9am to 12pm
Cost: Love Offering.
Register: Sibley Hall
You are invited to the annual Practitioners Lasagna Dinner! Enjoy good food and better company with the CSL Prescott community. Everyone is welcome, so bring some friends along!

Hosts:  Practitioners
When: 3.21.20, 5 PM
Cost: Love offering accepted, $5.00 for wine
Register: Sibley Hall
No joke! We get to hear from the leadership of the Centers for Spiritual Living as they appeared in Denver during our Spiritual Living Convention. Please join us in the Sanctuary to hear Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon's last talk as the Spiritual Leader of Centers for Spiritual Living - and Rev. Dr. Edward Viljoen's first one! There will be time to talk about each talk after we watch it.

When: 4 .1.20, 6 to 7:30 PM
Register: Sibley Hall
Board Report
Hello to all.

Hello CSLP and Blessings to All. Melody Beattie writes, “What a great gift we’ve been given—ourselves. To listen to ourselves, to trust instinct and intuition, is to pay tribute to that gift. What a disservice not to heed the leadings and leanings that so naturally arise from within. When will we learn that these leadings and leanings draw us into God’s rich plan for us?”
A few Saturdays ago, your Board met for a visioning get together. We started by being given a suggestion regarding our Center and what new could be created. We sat in silence and mediated, listening to God, and getting new thoughts. Sometimes my Best Friend doesn’t speak, so I have to listen in silence. We then listed our thoughts, paying tribute to our gifts collectively. We were trusting our instinct, intuition, imagination, intellect, whatever you choose to call our thoughts, without fear or judgements. The results of this visioning will be shared with you later, but the concept will be discussed now.

Ernest Holmes writes, “We find that faith in God is a spiritual quality of the mind; and an understanding faith is based on Immutable Principle. Its action is higher than that of the intellect, because it is born of intuition.” It is this, for me, that creates my Knowing. This creates trust in myself and others. This feeling has created my doing, my purpose and my abundance, my joy, my love, my peace and serenity.

So, the Board will “be Still and Know” and it is my hope for all of us that we can “be Still and Know.”

Blessing to all,
Tom Kimmerle
Divine Waking Up
We are Evolving, we are Multi-talented, we are Unique, we are Awakening, and we are Whole. Those are the 5 Truths defined by Ken Wilber in The Science of Self Actualization Program. If we can know this for ourselves, we can know it for others, and vice versa. We can align in our growing splendor of living fully. Springtime is a catalyst to awaken us in clarity of Life living itself in us, through us, as us, and knowing it is us.

Our theme this month is Honoring the Divine Feminine in All. March marks the beginning of spring and interestingly, is named for the planet, Mars. We have heard men are from Mars and women are from Venus, however there is no separation in the divine plan. Like spring flowers budding, we rediscover awakening of our consciousness and cultivate the many qualities of divine ideas.

An invitation for us this month is to nurture our souls. It is beyond gender, it is the givingness of Spirit to itself. We can be the parent for ourselves like the generous Mother Earth, holding support for all creatures and plants. It is never too late to gently and compassionately accept the safe space of presence and encouragement to commune with Spirit. In this flow we experience abundance, love, wisdom, and wholeness. And we share with All, that which we are.

Richard and I recently facilitated a workshop, Manifesting Our Good, and the group created this affirmation: “I experience an abundance of good and serenity in my life. I know now that nature is respected and that health and harmony of All Life, myself and the planet included, are in alignment for good. And So It Is.”  

With Love and Gratitude for this safe, nurturing spiritual community,
Karen Rader, RScP

Theme for the Year: 20/20 Spiritual Vision

March Theme: Honoring he Divine Feminine in All

“The most controversial of Julian of Norwich’s teachings was her declaration of God-the-Mother, [God] Julian reasoned, had to be female, because who but a mother would break herself open and pour herself out of love for her children?”

Mirabai Starr
Wild Mercy: Living the Fierce and Tender Wisdom of the Women Mystics, pg 124

March 1: The Holy Reimagined
Meditation: Mel Hirsch, RScP

March 8: Living Our Legacy
Meditation:Karen Rader, RScP

March 15: Law as Womb
Meditation: Diane Gesell, RScP

March 22: Q & A
Meditation: Jon Haass, RScP

March 29: Spirit is Every Gender
Meditation: Hazel Bowman, RScP
YOUTH CENTER Sundays, 10:30 a.m.

AA MEETING Sundays, 7 p.m.


SOM STUDY CIRCLE Tuesdays, 6:00 p.m.

BUDDHIST MEDITATION Thursdays, 6:30 p.m.

TOPS GROUP Fridays, 9:30 a.m.


HEART CONNECTION MEETING Sunday, 3/1, 12:15 p.m.

LOVE & LIGHT CIRCLE Monday, 3/2, 1:30 p.m.

FACILITIES CREW Saturday, 3/7, 9:00 a.m.

WRITING CIRCLE Saturday, 3/14, 9:00 a.m .
FUN AND GAMES CIRCLE Saturday, 3/14,
1:00 p.m.

YOUTH TEACHER MEETING Sunday, 3/15, 11:45 a.m.

SATSANG w/SWAMI SANKARANANDA Monday, 3/16, 6:00 p.m.

HEALTHY LIVING CIRCLE Wednesday, 3/18. 12:00 p.m.

ABUNDANCE WORKSHOP Saturday, 3/21, 9:00 a.m.

PRACTITIONERS LASAGNA DINNER Saturday, 3/21, 5:00 p.m.


BOARD MEETING Sunday, 3/22, 12:15 p.m.
In February the children had a wonderful time exploring the colors of love and how to expand their good by thinking beyond what they know and accepting Spirit’s gifts fully. In March they will look at powerful kids—those kids who are making a difference in our world right now through their words and actions. Using these kids as role models, the CAA kids will look at how they already are powerful and other ways they can be powerful in the world!

Want to help kids recognize their power and do some cool crafts in the meantime? Volunteer with us!

Diane and Erin. 
The Volunteer Appreciation “Ripples of Love” Gala was on Saturday January 18 at the Hassayampa Inn and no one knows how to party better than our volunteers! As the attendees enjoyed scrumptious
appetizers and cupcakes, the fun included raffle drawings, centerpiece party favors, a photo booth with crazy props, sing-a-long with Jackson, and impromptu dancing as we celebrated our volunteers. Board President Tom Kimmerle and Rev. Kathleen presented the awards to an array of individuals with Bob Joslin being honored as Volunteer Extraordinaire. Thank you to the Board and to the Gala Committee
members Hazel Bowman, RScP, Jim Holmes, Sandy Kimmerle and Rev. Kathleen for making it all possible. In fact, so much fun was had by all that the Board has approved the festivities for 2021!   

Thank you, Everyone!
Bob Joslin (414-581-3519, boppinbobjazzman@yahoo.com)
Chris Hofer (914 262-8599, 
Jim Holmes • Andy Hofer • T.J. Currier
Kelsy Chambers • Beth Mosier
Marilyn Standish • Kay Krizek • Nancy Kelly

Albin Wisniewski • Richard Rader
Nancy Stanton • Ken Kasner • Claire LaPlume Pearl Goodman • Kay Krizek
Kathleen Gustafson • T.J. Campbell
Patricia Weiberg • Nancy Kelly

Kyra Molitor • Sonia Wijts • Nancy Kelly
Andy Hofer • Chris Hofer • Ricki Reynolds
Don Bishop • Beth Mosier

Jackson Rauch
DyAnn Brooks • Stuart Carson
Nina Rochette

Sudra Tolbert • Jim Holmes Sandy Kimmerle Christi Scrivener
Co-Coordinators: Beth Mosier (928-445-7135,
            bmo.prescott@gmail.com )
Sharon Tice (928-445-3026, sbtice@earthlink.net )
Kyra Molitar (830-837-4155   kyramolitor@msn.com )
Gena Bonacci • Chris Hofer • Sarah Thomas Joanne Carson • Margaret Norton
Sudra Tolbert • Patricia Weiberg • John Brown Jeri Arenson • Susan Congdon • DyAnn Brooks

Nina Rochette

Stuart Carson

Sue Sharer • Jon Haass Karen Rader
Diane Gesell Sally Kasner • Mel Hirsch
Dave Sharer • Hazel Bowman • Grace McManus Richard Rader

Albin Wisniewski

Albin Wisniewski • Sudra Tolbert
Joanne Carson
Thank you, Volunteers! Your time, talent and
energy are greatly appreciated!
The Heart Connection Circle's purpose is to reach out to all at CSLP, and the circle is continuously thinking of new ways to connect people.   One way that we connect with our own circle members is having a monthly brunch, where we discuss business and connect with each other personally. We are also working towards expanding the Heart Connection and have recently welcomed Dyann Brooks to the team.
           Do you or anyone you know need a ride for Sunday service or other functions, or are you willing to assist in providing rides to others in your area? The Heart Connection Circle is supporting the Transportation Team in working towards making those connections. We hope to accomplish this through our Heart Wheels 'Ride Share.' The office recently sent out surveys via email which ask for needed information in order to provide these rides. Surveys are also available at the Center. We encourage everyone to complete and return these as indicated. If you are unable to participate in Heart Wheels at this time, please indicate this on the survey, as that is also important information. It is the goal of Heart Wheels to have several people connected in providing rides to each person. Note also that there is also a section on the bottom of the survey which indicates CSLP circles which you might be interested in receiving more information about or in joining.  

We sincerely thank you for your participation,
Beth Mosier, Sharon Tice & Kyra Molitar
During the month of January, 2020, three (3) team members reported visiting (actual or telephone), 10 separate individuals. A total of 26 visits were made during the month. One team member provided transportation to the memorial service, at the Center, to an individual. In a addition, the team participated in 2 (two) Virtual Prayer Circles for individuals who were undergoing a medical procedure,

Would you like a visit, telephone visit, telephone call, Prayer Circle or Virtual Prayer Circle by the Visitation Team for yourself or another? A Virtual Prayer Circle is performed when it is impractical to be at the hospital. A Virtual Prayer Circle is where each member goes into prayer at a designated time, wherever they are, for an individual undergoing a medical procedure.T If this is for you, please contact the Pastoral Care Coordinator, David Sharer RScP at (928) 771 2791. The team loves to serve by making visits and praying with you.

Love & Light,
David Sharer, RScP
Heart Rides has moved from being part of Heart Connections to now being it's own circle. We are continuing to provide rides for the members to and from CSLP and CSLP events.  

For the month of January, Heart Rides provided 14 rides. If you are interested in receiving a ride to the Sunday Service, please contact Nina Rochette.

Nina Rochette

C.J. Campbell, 3/01
Wilfred Beaupre, 3/05
Jackson Rauch, 3/05
Louise Wilber, 3/13
Eileen Ensign, 3/16
Terri Cafazzo, 3/17
Nancy Kelly, 3/22
Sandy Kimmerle, 3/26
Joe Vincent, 3/26
Tess Barnes, 3/28
David German, 3/29

From teachings handed down to us from antiquity, the Holy Ghost signifies the feminine aspect of the Divine Trinity. ..the divine activity of the higher mental plane; the Breath of God, or the Law of Being… the Holy Ghost means the relationship between the Father and the Son, or the divine, creative fertility of the universal soul when impregnated by the Divine Ideas.

Ernest Holmes
What Religious Science Teaches, pg 18