Volume 30, No. 2 February 2020
Heart Lines Newsletter
The Center for Spiritual Living Prescott provides spiritual tools to transform our
personal lives and make the world a better place.
February is often associated with love, mostly because of the diamond- studded, chocolatey, romantic holiday we call Valentine’s Day. We know that love is really a lot more than the hearts and flowers though, don’t we? Hearts are muscles that work hard day in and day out and flowers grow in well-tended soil.
So for us, love is all about the willingness to be with each other and to do the deep work. And we reap much better rewards than sparkly rocks. 

Love is another name for God. God is all there is and exists in all times and all places. We call this omnipresence. When we look back in human history, there are events in which it’s hard to see the God/Good. We know that God is always there, but sometimes it takes some searching to see the evidence. 

The month of February will be dedicated to seeing Love where it might be challenging to find. It’s in our relationships (even the rocky ones), it’s in the stuff we don’t talk about in polite company and it’s in the parts of history we don’t usually hear about. Truly, as God is Omnipresent, Love is everywhere. This month we go on a treasure hunt for the most important treasure of our lives. We will find Love in every aspect of our world and that's what makes it beautiful. In fact, that's what makes it work for everyone.

Rev. Kathleen Sibley
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In our interactive Spiritual Mind Treatment workshop, students will learn to do treatments for themselves and others. Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.

Instructors: Dave & Sue Sharer
Cost: Love Offering.
Register: Sibley Hall
Learn the Art of Zentangle, a meditative form of Doodling. Friday, February 7, 2020 from 12:30-2:30 p.m. Supplies are included. 

Instructors:  Grace McManus & Karen Rader. 
Cost: Love offering accepted.
Register: Sibley Hall
Board Report
Hello to all.

We find ourselves at the beginning of a new year and what wonderful opportunities this year is presenting to us all. But before we look at this year, I would like to thank last years Board for the wonderful work we did. We accomplished a lot, and a lot of time was put in by this Board to accomplish what we started, but we are not finished. I would like to thank Stuart Carson, Wilfred Beaupre and Barbara Butterfield for the great job they did. I would like to welcome Tess Barnes to this years Board. We have an opening on the Board if anyone has a skill to bring that will benefit our Center. This year we have Tom Kimmerle as President, Kyra Molitor as Vice President and director of the Board Meetings, Jim Holmes as Treasurer, Tess Barnes as Secretary, and Sonia Wijts.

Before we start visioning for this year, I would like to thank all our volunteers, without which the Center could not exist. As of this writing, we have not had the Volunteer Gala, so I don’t know the nominees or the winners. But I do know that anyone can be a volunteer, but not everyone chooses to be a volunteer. A volunteer provides services, for no financial or social gain, to benefit another person, group, or organization. What a wonderful person who donates his or her time and or money just to benefit someone else. That’s creating a world that would work for everyone.

So, this year, I guarantee that one way or another CLSP will have a new parking lot. I apologize to everyone for not having the parking lot fixed this last year. We will have more social media exposure. Rev. Lezli Goodwin and her team have many ideas which the Board will be looking at and appropriating funds to expand and modernize our web site, internet and streaming. This will be started in the next 2 months. We will also have our visioning committee presenting the Board with new outreach ideas and new ideas to enhance the Centers exposure in the Quad Cities.

Blessing to all,
Tom Kimmerle
It’s February, a season of love. Winter chill is upon us, suggesting we might try out some form of hibernation if only for awhile. Year-end holidays are behind us, a new decade started and the big holiday is February 14 th

One historic thread dates the first written missive back to 269AD. Valentinus, a Christian Priest of Rome was called before Emperor Claudius II to renounce his Christianity in favor of polytheistic paganism. Refusal meant a death sentence, and he received one month to decide. Valentinus was known as a healer. While the fateful date approached, the chief jailer (a connected Roman citizen) brought his blind daughter Julia to him, begging her sight be restored. It was written Valentinus was smitten with her innocence, intelligence and beauty.  He sat with her, prayed as Jesus prayed and her sight returned. The jailer, daughter and extended family showered Valentinus with gratitude and love. Appeals to Emperor Claudius fell on deaf ears. The evening before Valentinus was led away, he requested and received quills, ink and parchment upon which he wrote a letter of love, forgiveness and gratitude addressed to Julia whose blindness never returned. He signed it “Your Valentine” the morning of February 14, 269AD. Pope Gelasius canonized Valentinus 227 years later declaring February 14 th “The Feast of St. Valentine”.

Some were taught Valentine’s Day was a Hallmark invention. It’s interesting to consider threads from 1900 years ago weaving forward as expressions of love, forgiveness and gratitude over a nice dinner. That’s always in season! 

Best Blessings,
Mel Hirsch, RScP(e)

Theme for the Year: 20/20 Spiritual Vision

February Theme: All the Colors of Love

“As light overcomes darkness,…so the radiant presence of Love and Peace dissipates fear, hate, and confusion.”

Ernest Holmes
Science of Mind 331.2

February 2: For the Love of God

February 9: The Body is Not an Apology

February 16: Sexy Spirituality

February 23: Relationships: Spiritual Paths to Awakening
YOUTH CENTER Sundays, 10:30 a.m.

AA MEETING Sundays, 7 p.m.


SOM STUDY CIRCLE Tuesdays, 6:00 p.m.

BUDDHIST MEDITATION Thursdays, 6:30 p.m.

TOPS GROUP Fridays, 9:30 a.m.

FACILITIES CREW Saturday, 2/1, 9 a.m.


LOVE & LIGHT CIRCLE Monday, 2/3, 1:30 p.m.

WRITING CIRCLE Saturday, 2/8, 9 a.m.
2 p.m.


YOUTH TEACHER MEETING Sunday, 2/16, 11:45 a.m.

HEART CONNECTION MEETING Sunday, 2/16, 12:15 p.m.

SATSANG w/SWAMI SANKARANANDA Monday, 2/17, 6:00 p.m.

BOARD MEETING Sunday, 2/23, 12:15 p.m.

In January, The Children's Association of Awesomeness went back to the basics and explored the tools that we use to increase our connection with God. 

We did a visioning on the first Sunday of the month and Spirit told us that we need to wake up! We are letting go of our fears, finding comfort in ourselves, the people and stuffed animals around us, and committing to being ourselves! Using this vision, the children created an affirmative prayer to bring it into being, focusing each Sunday on a different step. Be sure to check it out on the classroom door. This prayer will become an integral part of the time we circle in, pray, and share our energy with one another. 

Kid Minister wants your questions! Do you want Seamus's perspective on a specific topic or philosophical idea? Submit it to his Ask Kid Minister box or email your questions to Kid Minister at  erinkusa1@gmail.com , then go to our Center's Facebook page, Instagram feed, and/or Twitter feed for the answer. Don't forget to share it with your friends!

As always we are humbled by the love and support from the CSLP community and the wisdom of our children. Thank you for creating a community where children know that they are AWESOME!

Diane and Erin. 
Bob Joslin (414-581-3519, boppinbobjazzman@yahoo.com)
Chris Hofer (914 262-8599, 
Jim Holmes • Andy Hofer • T.J. Currier
Kelsy Chambers • Beth Mosier
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Albin Wisniewski • Richard Rader
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Kyra Molitor • Sonia Wijts • Nancy Kelly
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Jackson Rauch
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Sudra Tolbert • Jim Holmes Sandy Kimmerle Christi Scrivener
Gena Bonacci • Chris Hofer Sarah Thomas Joanne Carson • Margaret Norton
Sudra Tolbert • Patricia Weiberg • John Brown Jeri Arenson • Susan Congdon • DyAnn Brooks Co-Coordinators Beth Mosier • Sharon Tice
& Jeri Arenson

Nina Rochette

Stuart Carson

Sue Sharer • Jon Haass Karen Rader
Diane Gesell Sally Kasner • Mel Hirsch
Dave Sharer • Hazel Bowman • Grace McManus Richard Rader

Albin Wisniewski

Albin Wisniewski • Sudra Tolbert
Joanne Carson
Thank you, Volunteers! Your time, talent and
energy are greatly appreciated!
Did you know that CSL Prescott has it's own YouTube channel? The biggest thing you can do this month to support our online ministry is to click the picture to the right and then click Subscribe! You can't miss it -- it's the big red box. When we have 100 subscribers, we can get a custom YouTube address, which will make our page much easier to find for people looking for online messages. Thank you so much!

Rev. Lezli Goodwin
During the month of December, 2019 eight (8) Team members reported visiting (actual or Telephone) 10 separate individuals during the month; A total of 39 visits were made One team member provided transportation to the Blue Christmas and Candle Lighting service to an individual. The Heart connection provided 12 rides to and from the center during the month. This took many phone calls to accomplish this. Thanks goes out to the Heart Connection for a job well done and is greatly appreciated..In a addition, the team participated in (one) Virtual Prayer Circle for an individual who was undergoing a medical procedure,

Would you like a visit, telephone visit, telephone call, Prayer Circle or Virtual Prayer Circle by the Visitation Team for yourself or another? A Virtual Prayer Circle is performed when it is impractical to be at the hospital. A Virtual Prayer Circle is where each member goes into prayer at a designated time, wherever they are, for an individual undergoing a medical procedure.T If this is for you, please contact the Pastoral Care Coordinator, David Sharer RScP at (928) 771 2791. The team loves to serve by making visits and praying with you.

Love & Light,
David Sharer, RScP
The Heart Wheels, now known as Heart Rides, has moved from being part of Heart Connections to now being it's own circle. We are continuing to provide rides for the members to and from CSLP and CSLP events.  

For the months of November and December, we had 14 drivers provide 22 rides, including Uber and Swwoop services.

If anyone needs to set up a ride or would like to volunteer to drive, please contact me at ninar7979@gmail.com .

Nina R

Vic Moss, 2/5
Clyde Neville, 2/15
Karen Hemminger, 2/22
Beth Mosier, 2/26

We reach God in others by reaching out from God within the self. Always the God in others will respond to the God in us, but never beyond the level of our inward spiritual awareness.  

Words That Heal Today p. 25.1

“As light overcomes darkness,…so the radiant presence of Love and Peace dissipates fear, hate, and confusion.”

Science of Mind 331.2