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June 2022

 Spotlight Corner

*Solving the Crucial Labor Shortage -  The industry is now experiencing what could be categorized as the worst labor shortage in its lengthy history.

*Make Meetings the Right Length - How you use your time is one difference between a good leader and an average one.

*What's Next for Glass - The National Day of Glass concluded Thursday, but there are hundreds of other IYOG events scheduled to take place around the world

*Q & A with the Wood Dr.- Solving southern yellow pine and other wood problems

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A note from the Siewers Family…

We want to thank all of you that came out last month to help us celebrate 138 years of service to Richmond and all the surrounding areas. We are amazed each day at the dedication and loyalty we have achieved in this wonderful community. Throughout the years we have watched the vast changes and seen so many great companies come and go and  realize the gravity of our continued success and steadfast patrons. Please know are here to help and thank you for giving us the chance too! 

-The Siewers Family

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From the Siewers Cabinet Department:

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How do I Choose a Door Style for my New Cabinetry?

Define your style! 

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