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January 29, 2023

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Phone in at +1 312 626 6799

Birthdays and Anniversaries

1/01-Mary Berner

1/03-Angi Hiller

1/14-Pam Bartholomew

1/23-Rochelle Wegman

1/26-Nickie Van Stelten

1/27-Bobbi Hovren

1/28-Jim McGuire

1/31-Jolly Corley

No January Anniversaries

We will have two bouquets on our Holy Communion Sundays. If you wish to furnish flowers, the cost is $30.00 per Sunday for 2 bouquets. After worship, an altar guild member will present the flowers to a church member who cannot regularly join us. Please consider being a part of this important ministry. 

Questions? Call Bobbi Hovren at 507-388-7169

Thank you to everyone who donated Poinsettias for the Christmas Season

Ann Clark - In memory of David, George, Philip, parents, relatives and friends

Ray and Audrey Splinter - In memory of our parents: RJ and Evelyn, Lyle and Agnes

Jim McGuire - In memory of Ann

Doug and Mary Schuldt - In memory of Jim Biddle

Nickie VanStelten - In thanksgiving for all members of St. John's

Bobbi Hovren

It's time do do Safe Church training again. If you received an email from Praesidium it is from Angi. Please read and respond if needed. If there are questions, contact Angi.

From the desk of Rev' d Cindi...

You are invited: SUNDAYS DOWN UNDER. Come for coffee in the Undercroft after Service on Sundays. We will have socially distanced time for fellowship, Iona work, and other projects. Questions? Reach out to Rev. Cindi (

Dear Friends at St. John's:

I pray you all had a warm and meaningful Christmas season and are embracing this snowy new year!

I have so many thanks, especially for all the many kindnesses you showed me during my time at St. John's. St. John's is so welcoming; I felt comfortable nearly right away, even though I saw you only once a month. Over the year and a half I ministered with you I came to see the earnestness with which you are seeking to discern the parish's next steps and future shape of ministry.

It was so lovely that on my last Sunday in December there was a little send-off with some fun gifts! I love the St. John's bag (and am a firm believer in bringing my own bags into stores); the interesting history of the parish - and the historical figures such as Jackson Kemper and Bishop Whipple who were connected there; the mug, and the wonderful gift card to the St. Peter coop!

And then the treats and flowers from the altar...

If all those items weren't enough I then received a VERY generous gift card which has already allowed me to treat some friends to special holiday meals. Thank you so much!

Please do consider me for Sunday supply in the future.



We have January 29th available for flowers if you are interested, please let Angi know.

Many Thanks to all who helped support Connections Ministry Shelter during our hosting week from January 16 to 22. All went well with meals and shift coverage. The guests of the shelter expressed their gratitude many, many times! We will likely host another week later in this season. Dates have not been decided on as yet. I'll keep you posted. Please know that one can go to the sign up genius to volunteer anytime. Thanks again! Audrey, Shelter Coordinator for St. John's

Faith Formation & Compline Winter 2023

Please use the link below to join Faith Formation & Compline at 7 and 8 on Wed.

Wed. Jan. 25

5:30 PM in person

6 PM on Zoom

Chapter 7: Clergy Transition; Conflict Management Styles

Join Zoom Here

8 PM on Zoom


Join Zoom Here

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