Newsletter | December 2018
RAC Family,

The Holiday season is here and time is not going to slow down for anyone! Brace yourself and go into this season with vigor. There is something within each of us that longs to be extraordinary and to achieve greatness. Our hope is that you will approach this season with the right mindset so you can launch past every limiting area of mediocrity and discover utter fulfillment in your life.

The end of the year can be an exhausting time for many. Deadlines need to be met, a full calendar, and family and friends need your attention. Thus, it is important that you understand the value of persistence and perseverance. Persistent people begin their success where most others quit. The nose of a bulldog is slanted backwards so they can continue to breathe without letting go. Don’t let this busy season bog you down. Be known as a person of persistence and grit.

Perseverance is a habit...and so is quitting. What you do today will impact tomorrow. Practicing persistence will bleed into all areas of your life, including your health and wellness. Consider your fitness routine. In order to build strength, you have to put stress (i.e. lifting a weight) on your muscles to force it to adapt. If the stress is not significant enough, no adaptation will occur. You have to challenge your muscular system with a stimulus that it’s not accustomed to for it to develop. If you do not persist with challenging yourself, your body will never have to adapt. So it is with perseverance. The more you train it, the more you build a bigger capacity to persevere.

Take this concept and apply it to your fitness routine today. Rather than doing the same thing, challenge yourself with something new. You need a new stimulus to continue growing... Break through your plateaus and persevere into greatness. You deserve it.

See you out on the fitness floor, BG
Holiday Fun
Jack Frost Tennis Social
Please join us
Saturday, December 8
at 1:30 p.m.
for some fun on the courts. Rotating doubles followed by some savory soup, drinks, and hang time with our tennis crowd. Ages 14 and up are welcome, hope to see you here!
Deck The Halls
Holiday Party
Please join us
Thursday, December 13
at 5:00 pm
Enjoy a buffet of sweet and savory treats featuring the mouthwatering cheeses of Tres Bien Creamery. Come craft unique holiday wreaths to share
within our community!
RAC @Nite
Holiday Shopping Day
Bring the kids to RAC so you can
finish up some holiday shopping!
Saturday, December 15
3:00 - 6:00 pm
We will be frosting holiday cookies and playing festive games! Sign-Up in Kids Klub by December 11.
Merriment and Community
Winter Aquatics
Welcome Karalynn, our newest Aqua Instructor!
Karalynn has lived in Fair Oaks for the past 26 years. She began to love water aerobics when visiting RAC, as a guest, in the spring of 2017. She loved the Rollingwood community and joined in July 2017. Karalynn is a retired Special Education Teacher, and decided to give aqua instructing a try when she noticed us having a few issues covering all of our classes this past Summer. Now Karalynn is subbing Aqua Blast often, throughout the holiday season, has a regular Splash and Tone class, and may be expanding her role even more soon!

If you see Karalynn teaching your aqua class for the first time, please give her a warm Rollingwood welcome. Awesome job, Karalynn, and welcome to the team!
Winter Tennis
December Junior Clinics
Check out our Junior Clinics offered in December. We have a great program for all ages and levels, four days a week, working on all areas of the game. Please contact Tennis Director Bobby to get your child introduced to the program.

Questions about our Tennis programming contact Bobby Martinez at
Winter Break Tennis Camp
Start the New Year off right. All junior players are encouraged to attend our Winter Break Tennis Camp. We have something for all ages and all levels of play. We will be focusing primarily on technical and physical performance. For our higher developed players we will also coach on mental toughness, court strategies, and live point play. Push your game to the next level in this short and effective camp. 

Payment can be made at the front desk or you can over the phone. Reserve your spot on the court now!
Fall Renovations
Indoor Spa
Renovation of the Indoor Spa will continue until mid-December. The Indoor Pool and scheduled activities will continue as regularly scheduled amidst the reconstruction. Please pardon the noise and limited pathways during this much needed and exciting spa update.

The RAC lobby and downstairs hallway floors will be replaced starting Monday, December 3. The contractors will be happy to accommodate passing members. During work on the new floors there will be times when locker rooms may be unavailable or access to one of the stairways. Signage and app notifications will be posted to inform you of any inconveniences.
Towel Amnesty Month
Here at Rollingwood Athletic Club we believe in finding ways to add to the high levels of customer service for our members. In a time when big box fitness centers are not offering free towel service, we continue to offer this perk for convenience and added benefit to our members! 
Over the past year, we have had a significant increase in the loss of our towels. We know sometimes we may be in a rush to get our workouts in and get back to the office or get home and we inadvertently toss a club towel in our workout bags. Many of us know if we have a surplus of white club towels in our linen closet.
Simply bring your towels back in and drop them in the laundry basket. No judgment, just gratitude.
Please help us maintain this great service. Thank you!
Vote for RAC!
Rollingwood Athletic Club was voted #1 Best Health Club in Fair Oaks in 2016 and 2017!

Help make us #1 again in 2018!
See Disney's Aladdin on Stage
Sacramento Community Center
Saturday June 1, 2019 | 2:00 pm

RAC reserved 20 tickets for the Lower Level, rows D, E, F and G.

First come, first serve. Tickets are $96, non-refundable and can be charged to your member account. Payment is due to reserve your seat.

A great Christmas present idea!
See Karla in the Sales Office to get your ticket.
RAC Holiday Hours
Club Hours : 7 am - 1 pm
Jr. Lounge/ KK : Closed

Club is CLOSED

Jr. Lounge Open Morning Hours

Club Hours : 7 am - 3 pm
Jr. Lounge/ KK : AM only

Club Hours : 7 am - 7 pm