The warm weather has finally arrived!
"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May." 
- Edwin Way Teale

"May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive." 
- Fennel Hudson

We are feeling alive and like ALL things are possible, here at the Community Foundation. The red tulip bulbs we purchased through the Rotary Club of Campbellford's  "Paint the Town Red" fundraiser a few years ago are just about ready to bloom - contributing to those feelings of rebirth and revitalization! Plus, we announced our 2018 grant recipients, whose projects will contribute to the vitality of our community.
Congratulations to our 2018 Grant Recipients
This year we are pleased to announce that we awarded 28 grants totaling $147,637.51 to local organizations for projects that benefit the residents of Campbellford/Seymour.

New this year, are our Mini Grants, a less strenuous application process for smaller grant projects with funding coming from our "Field of Interest" endowment funds:
We developed the Mini Grant program because these endowment funds are now at a level where we can start to provide grants to the community from the interest earned on the funds. But also for community awareness - that there is an opportunity for people to support interests that have meaning to them, such as the arts, the environment or recreation. 
Introducing our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of local people interested in philanthropy and community development. Each individual involved has a chance to share their vision and ideas while working with others toward the ongoing enrichment of our community.

The following community members give the gift of time as members of our Board of Directors:

Patrick Muldoon - President
Patrick is a Grade 2 teacher at Hillcrest Public School and is looking forward to retiring after the next school year. He has served as a Board Member since 2014 and happily as President since 2016. 

Amy-Jo Doherty - Director (Secretary/Treasurer)
Amy-Jo is an ECE at St. Mary Catholic Elementary School and volunteered on our Board since 2015. This year she has taken on the task as Board Advisor for our Youth Advisory Council (YAC), of which both her sons are members of.

Kathy Chamberlain - Director
Kathy is a Physiotherapist with The Sharpe Physiotherapy and Massage Clinic, and has volunteered on our board since 2015. Kathy is our board liaison with the Campbellford BIA and is also involved in organizing the popular Incredible Edibles Festival.

Garry Holmes - Director
Garry is retired from a career in automotive sales and joined our Board in 2017. As an avid golfer, Garry helped us out by appearing in one of our Flourish Campaign videos, whacking some balls on an indoor driving range, to promote the Hastings Field House project, part of the Municipal Recreation Redevelopment initiative.

Mary-Jo Mahoney - Director
You will know Mary-Jo from the Campbellford Library, where she is CEO for the Trent Hills Public Library. Mary-Jo joined us in 2017 and was instrumental in bringing filmaker, Megan Murphy, as our much enjoyed guest speaker at our April 19th AGM and Grant Announcement Event.

Dipak Patel - Director
Dipak is the owner of the Campbellford River Inn and has volunteered on our board since 2016. As a successful business owner, Dipak contributes greatly to our Finance Committee. 

Carolyn Anderson - Director
Carolyn is the Administrator for the Campbellford Resource Centre and is the newest member of our board, joining us this past April. Carolyn served as a committee volunteer on our Grants Task Force, providing great input to review and update our grant program this past year.
Volunteering time to the Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation is one of the most valuable gifts anyone can give to their community. We appreciate all they do for us!
If you bump into one of these amazing volunteers while you are out and about, please take the time to ask them about the Community Foundation.

W e are looking for a summer student!

The Community Foundation is looking for a student to fill a summer position as a Marketing and Administrative Assistant in our office. If you know of a student that is returning to school in the fall, and that is looking for a full-time summer job, please share this information with them. The deadline for applications is Friday May 11th. 

This picture of the beautiful crab apple tree beside our office was taken last May. We are looking forward to its beautiful flowers again soon!

As always, we invite you  to stop by our office, or give us a call, if you have questions about the work we do in our community.

We would be very pleased if you would share this newsletter with your friends and family.

Martha, Pam & Board Members
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