We solve one of the most difficult challenges facing families today...caring for loved ones requiring in-home companion care and personal assistance.

Are you looking for information about inviting a caregiver into your home to provide home care for loved ones who can no longer be safely left alone? To learn more about home care services, check out Allan Hirsh's interview of Dave Pyser, Executive Director of Visiting Angels of Pikesville, which aired on CBS Radio 1300 in Baltimore. A big thank you to Larry Wilner of LWBizFlicks for providing the video!

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Memory Care Study Links Colorful Vegetables to Healthier Minds

As children, our parents always told us to eat our vegetables. Later in life, it's no surprise that piece of advice still holds true - especially for those trying to maintain healthy bodies and healthy minds. Now, new data from memory care researchers have shown that colorful vegetables are linked to improved cognitive function in older adults.
"At Visiting Angels, we try to stress how essential healthy eating is to home care and memory care," says Larry Meigs, CEO and President of Visiting Angels. "These studies really drive that home. More important, they give us a better sense of what specific vegetables help most in keeping older minds sharp."
Studies Say Carotenoids Help with Memory Care 
According to two recent studies, a particular type of compound found in colorful fruits and vegetables is linked with cognitive health in senior-aged individuals. 
4 Ways a Caregiver Can Encourage a Loved One's Independence
During the years I provided loving care for my mother, I learned that helping her too much created its own set of problems.
She was physically hampered by chronic knee and back pain; her thinking was marred by memory and language deficits caused by mild dementia. I thought it was my duty to do all I could to take care of her every need and keep her safe from harm. But as I made her dinner three nights a week, organized her pill box and straightened up her apartment, she wasn't more contented; she seemed unhappy. With all my best intentions and concerted energies, I mostly succeeded in curbing her independence and squelching her spirit. She didn't see me as her caring son so much as the overbearing usurper of roles she cherished.
If I had done nothing at all for her, then I believe she would have floundered. But I finally realized that by doing too much for her, I trampled her dignity.

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Dave Pyser
Visiting Angels of Pikesville