April 2019
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Peace and all good! Spring is a time of growth and renewal. We hope you make time this season to engage in activities that recharge and refresh your spirit. The following is our first newsletter of 2019.
Board and Staff Met with Franciscan Sisters of Allegany Leadership
In March, members of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany Congregational Leadership including representatives from Brazil and Jamaica met with the board and staff of Allegany Franciscan Ministries. 

This was an opportunity to share and learn from the Sisters and to be reminded how closely connected we are with them in ministry. Daniel Gibson, Miami-Dade Regional Vice-President, posted about the meeting on social media - speaking for all of us on the staff team: Knowing that my work is an extension of the prayers, sacrifices, and services offered for over a century by these loving, courageous and funny women is beyond overwhelming. The Sisters offered their prayers, endorsed our work to carry on their legacy, and avowed their unequivocal commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion of all members in our community - no person or group overlooked or forgotten. So humbled by my association with these phenomenal women .
Why Florida Needs an Accurate Census Count in 2020
The census is less than a year away. The Tampa Bay Times recently published an op-ed by Bob McFalls, CEO of Florida Philanthropic Network and Sabeen Perwaiz, CEO of the Florida Nonprofit Alliance, about the importance of an accurate Census 2020 count in Florida.

" Without an accurate count, Florida stands to lose billions of dollars and could be underrepresented in Washington for the next decade."

Fellowship for the Common Good
Currently Recruiting Cohort 3
Allegany Franciscan Ministries is recruiting for Cohort 3 of the Fellowship for the Common Good, a 12-month resident leadership program to build community capacity and sustainability through enhanced community-based leadership in Overtown, Wimauma and Lincoln Park. Application deadline is May 15, 2019 .

For more information click here and to view the following recruitment videos click the links below..

Overtown English / Spanish
Wimauma English / Spanish
Fellow LaShonda Henderson is a Published Author
We are delighted to share that Cohort 1 Lincoln Park Fellow for the Common Good LaShonda Henderson recently published a book titled The Longest Walk Home: How I Survived Teen Dating Violence . In her book, LaShonda reflects on her personal experiences. She attributes her time as a Fellow to influencing her commitment to write the book.

Meet the Fellows for the Common Good - Cohort 2
Here is a glimpse at three of the 13 current Fellows.
Luis Lopez - Wimauma
My vision for Wimauma is to see more students graduating from high school. We need more of our students going to college. We need to encourage our youth on how important it is to get a career.

Taylor McGhee - Overtown
My vision for Overtown would include having more accessible resources for the people to grow together as a community through programs that include the arts. I would love the residents of Overtown to have a say in its development and change for current and future generations.
Joshua Perry - Lincoln Park
My vision for my community is actually a flash back. I want to get back to when Lincoln (Park) was thriving with culture, awareness and life. I really want to get back to the point where it was okay to help the fallen comrade get up, everything wasn't always a competition and we weren't always so selfish.
The Common Good Initiative Community Updates
Wimauma - Mental Health Education and Resources

Israel's House of Social Services Agency recently received funding through the Common Good Initiative to provide educational seminars in both English and Spanish to residents of Wimauma. The focus was on reaching parents, caretakers, students and personnel from local community organizations. A total of seven seminars were conducted. Participants learned about the history, changes and stigma of mental health. The seminars also addressed prevalent mental health illnesses, recognizing warning signs, identifying effective strategies and sharing available community resources. Providing these tools empowers community members to advocate for their mental health needs.
Overtown - Miami Community Ventures Pilot Initiative
At their recent “One Community, One Goal Breakfast Series,” The Beacon Council recognized Allegany Franciscan Ministries for being the first funder to support the Miami Community Ventures Pilot Initiative, to keep high-barrier populations employed with livable wages. Following suit, United Way of Miami-Dade and Florida Blue Foundation both expressed their support for Miami Community Ventures, with Florida Blue Foundation publicly pledging $150,000 to expand the pilot into a fully implemented program for Miami-Dade. The initial pilot program l aunched in three communities in January 2019: Liberty City, Overtown, and Goulds. The objective is to have 77 structurally unemployed individuals hired at the living wage ($13.44+) by the end of April 2019. The pilot initiative is being tracked closely, with learnings implemented when the program is later rolled out county-wide throughout Miami-Dade.

Do you know someone looking for a job? Click here for more information.
Lincoln Park - Fetal and Infant Mortality Review
In 2016, The Lincoln Park Common Good Initiative funded Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County to conduct a Fetal and Infant Mortality Review to assess and recommend strategies to improve outcomes for women and infants. Prenatal care, safe sleep and community education were recommended strategies. As a direct result of the this review, the Children's Services Council of St. Lucie County has made available $200,000 of new funding for a collaborative effort to address infant mortality in Lincoln Park through one of the recommended strategies. More information
Grant Programs
ACOR Grant Updates by Erin Baird
For the FY19 spring grant cycle, we have received 14 applications with requests totaling $179,168. Final decisions will be announced in late May.

Starting in the fall 2019, the maximum grant size will decrease from $15,000 to $10,000 while the amount of funding available will remain the same. The primary reason for the change is to be able to fully fund requests. This has been a challenge with most applicants requesting the full $15,000.
Major Grant Updates by Carla Batts
Our Major Grants process for FY19 has been in full motion since releasing the Letter of Intent (LOI) in November. A total of 145 LOIs were reviewed which collectively represent the three regions of the state where we fund. For Miami-Dade, 46 LOIs were submitted and 11 organizations were invited to complete the full application; Palm Beach/Martin/St. Lucie received 38 LOIs and asked 10 organizations to submit an application; and, out of the 61 organizations that submitted LOIs for projects in the Tampa Bay area, nine were invited to complete the full proposal.

Overall, we plan to fund up to $1.62 million in Major Grants across all three regions. Full applications are currently being evaluated – all final award decisions will be announced in June. 
Tau Grant Updates by Brittney Frazier
Congratulations to the Tau Grant recipients for FY19 Cycle 2. Tau Grants support capacity-building efforts for organizations, programs or initiatives that are aligned with our mission and impact at least one of the social determinants of health. The social determinants of health that were addressed include: social & community context, neighborhood & built environment and health & healthcare.

A total of 115 applications were received and 18 grants totaling $175,845 were awarded. We are delighted to partner with the following organizations to serve the most in need in our communities. Read full article
$328,845 approved for Tau and All Region Grants
FY20 Grant Deadlines
As our current fiscal year winds down, there are no active deadlines for ACOR, Tau or Major Grants. We are planning FY20 programs and anticipate releasing guidelines and application instructions in August 2019. Information will be shared on www.afmfl.org and emailed to our newsletter contacts. If you are not signed up to receive our newsletter, sign up here .
Upcoming Events
  • The CLEO Institute, Empowering Capable Climate Communicators Symposium, April 26-27, 2019 more info

  • Cost of Poverty Experience hosted by Barry University School of Social Work, May 4, 2019 more info

  • Florida Prosperity Partnership Eleventh Annual Statewide Training Conference, May 28-31, 2019 more info

  • Florida Association of Free and Charitable Clinics 2019 Annual Conference, September 5-6, 2019 more info
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